Manage Multiple Users at Once

Required security profile permissions: Users Create

You can conveniently create or edit multiple CXone user accounts through a spreadsheet, which you upload directly into CXone. If you want to create new users, CXone provides a downloadable template CSV file to get you started. This bulk upload tool in CXone supports CSV or XLSX file types.

To edit multiple users at once, download the existing users spreadsheet, make your desired changes, then reupload the file. Be sure to enter a Y in the Row Changed column for each user that you modified. You can leave this column blank, but CXone will upload the entire list new instead of only updating the specific users that you indicated. This likely increases the upload time, as CXone processes the entire list. When reuploading the file, you can select the Changed Rows Only setting, which instructs CXone to only accept rows that you indicated with a Y.

If you want to create or edit a single user in the CXone interface, see Create a User.

Key Items When Uploading Files:

  • Do not modify column names or change the format of the template.
  • Duplicate email addresses, agent numbers, or extensions are not allowed.

Sherlock Holmes is setting up a new contact center for Intriguing Mysteries, a division of Classics, Inc. He employs three different teams. Each handles crime tips regarding infamous villains, such as Professor Moriarty. Holmes decides to bulk upload users in the following manner:

  • First, he manually creates an individual user account in CXone for his three team leads. He makes sure all skills and settings are assigned appropriately. He plans to use these accounts as templates for other users on each corresponding team.
  • Second, he downloads the existing user list from CXone. So far, the list only contains four accounts: his own administrator account and the three team lead accounts.
  • Third, he adds new rows for each agent on each team. Since Holmes wants the agents to have the same settings as the team lead, he quickly copies and pastes those settings from the team lead to the team agents.
  • Fourth, he uploads the revised user list into CXone.
  1. Click the app selector and select Admin.
  2. Click Users.

  3. Click Create New > Manage Multiple Users.

  4. If you want to download active users only, instead of all the users in your environment, select Active users only for Users to Include.

  5. Click Download Existing Users. If you are creating a completely new user list, click Download Template.
  6. Open the file in a program that can manage CSV files, such as Excel or Notepad.

  7. Enter information about each user in the rows below the header and explanation rows. Don't modify the column names, order, or data format. The columns mostly match the same fields that are available when you create a new user.

  8. Save the file as Text (CSV) or Excel (XLSX).

  9. On the Manage Multiple Users page in CXone, click Browse next to Select File.

  10. Browse for the file you created. Select it and click Open.

  11. Select the File Type corresponding to the file you chose.

  12. If you're creating new users, or if you are modifying existing users and chose not to use the Row Changed column in the bulk upload template, select All Rows for Rows to Include.

  13. If you're modifying existing users and chose to use the Row Changed column in the bulk upload template, select Changed Rows Only for Rows to Include.

  14. Click Upload File.

  15. Check your email for an error report. Resolve any errors that appear. To do so, fix the issue in the file you uploaded, click Back in CXone, and re-upload the file. If you have no errors, click Close.