Platform Requirements

This page describes the requirements for each app in the CXone suite to work correctly in your environment. These requirements include network, browser, operating system, and so on. It also shows the languages supported by each app.

Once you have gathered requirements from this page, you need to also consult the Ports page. It provides the portsClosedWhere information transfers, over a network, between a computer and a server., IP addresses, fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs), and so on used in the CXone cloud.

You must review both pages for a full picture of how to configure your CXone environment.

CXone does not support the use of traffic inspection proxy services for several reasons:

  • Routing your WAN traffic through a proxy introduces packet latency. CXone solutions are real-time. Delays in packet delivery impair both agent and customer experience.
  • Proxy service providers conduct regular maintenance. This can impact your system and even make it unavailable.
  • Inadvertent changes to routing policies can create disruptions in service.
  • When problems occur, the third-party proxy provider must be included. Resolution can be more difficult and can take longer.

Determine Platform Requirements for Your Contact Center

  1. Obtain a complete list of all apps in your CXone implementation. You can get this from your CXone Account Representative.
  2. In the filter at right, select the checkboxes for all apps in your implementation. After making your selections, the page displays only the information that applies to your CXone implementation. You may need to scroll down to view all requirements.
  3. Review the requirements and discuss any concerns with your CXone Account Representative as soon as possible.