Agent for Service Cloud Voice – Administrators

This overview is for administrators, if you're an agent, see Agent for Service Cloud Voice – Agents.

Agent for Service Cloud Voice is a contact handling application for the Salesforce Service Cloud. It is embedded into the Omni-Channel widget, rather than in a stand-alone window like MAX.

This Agent integration is unique in that it uses the Lightning Web Components (LWC) of the Salesforce Service Cloud. This makes the integration lightweight with fast performance. It may be a preferred voice option if your organization uses any of the Salesforce digital channels, such as chat, SMS, or email-to-case. This Agent option enables you to take advantage of the CXone voice channel instead of using Amazon Connect.

The agent-specific page for Agent for Service Cloud Voice provides information on the application's user interface.

Features and Limitations

The Agent for Service Cloud Voice development coincides with the Salesforce LWCs and Omni-Channel widget. As such, some features are not yet supported. The following lists identify supported features and unsupported limitations.


  • CXone voice channel
  • Standard basic call controls, such as a keypad or mute
  • Advanced call controls:
    • Transfer
    • Consult
    • Conference
  • Click-to-dial within Salesforce
  • Embedded CXone address book
  • Automatic Salesforce task creation for every voice interaction
  • Log out from voice channel to continue handling other Salesforce channels


  • Non-voice channels
  • Dispositions
  • After-call work
  • CXone unavailable codes
  • Screen pops
  • Skill selection for outbound calls

Technical Details

  • If agents are assigned to multiple outbound skills, calls are made using the lowest skill ID number. They cannot select a specific skill.
  • If you have existing Studio scripts that you have used for other agent applications, you can also use those scripts for Agent for Service Cloud Voice. If the scripts have features that are not yet available for this agent, the script will still route the call. Unsupported functionality will not work, like screen pops.
  • Any skills used to route calls through this Agent cannot require dispositions. Since dispositions are unsupported, calls get stuck if you require it in the skill.
  • CXone permissions do not affect Agent for Service Cloud Voice. Instead, users must have one of two Salesforce permission sets. Administrators must have Contact Center Admin (Partner Telephony) and agents must have Contact Center Agent (Partner Telephony).