Security Profiles

Security profiles are permission sets that control what users in your contact center can see and do within CXone. For example, a supervisor might have access to features that you wouldn't want an agent to have access to. In a security profile, you can configure:

You must assign each user to one security profile, and a security profile can apply to as many users as you want. Create as many security profiles as you need to support all the unique roles in your contact center.

Updates to custom security profiles don't apply until the next data update occurs. Data updates occur every six hours.

Key Facts about Security Profiles

  • When you create a new custom security profile, you have two options. You can create a blank security profile that you build or copy and edit an existing security profile.

  • Your contact center comes with hard-coded system profiles that you cannot edit. These include Agent, Supervisor, and Manager. To create a modified version of a system security profile, copy the existing system profile and edit the copy.

  • Some permissions control access to full CXone applications. For example, if you want users to have MAX, you would enable the MAX permission in those users' security profiles.

  • Security profiles don't restrict access to certain types of data. These types of data include data download reports, direct data access reports, and APIs.

  • Password requirements are managed separately from permissions using Login Authenticators.