The Sendfile action icon - a piece of paper with one corner folded down and an arrow pointing to the right.

Transfers files via the internet to a remote server via FTP or SFTP protocols.

Requires the remote FTP server's address, username, and password.

An excessive load is placed on your system when these conditions are met:

  • Your business unit has more than ~15 concurrent calls.
  • The scripts that are running contain file-related actions, such as Writefile, Readfile, and Fileexist.

This results in throttling.Your business unit will experience latency with script execution and other functions, including contact handling and state changes, until the backlog of processes completes.


The icon for a Generic script type - a rectangle with < and > symbols inside it. The icon for the Email script type - a large @ symbol in a diamond. The icon for the Chat script type - a chat bubble with an ellipsis inside (...), in a diamond shape. The icon for the Phone script type - an old-style phone handset with curved lines indicating sound coming out of it. The icon for the Voicemail script type - a symbol that looks like a cassette tape - two circles sitting on a horizontal line. The icon for the Work Item script type-a piece of paper with one corner folded down and a bullet list on it. The icon for the SMS script type - a smart phone with a chat bubble coming out of it. The icon for the Digital script type - a computer monitor with a smartphone next to it.
通用 电子邮件 聊天 电话 语音邮件 工作项 SMS 数字


属性 详细信息

要传输到远程 FTP 服务器的文件的文件名。


The protocol used to send files (FTP or SFTP).

TargetFolder The folder on the remote FTP server where you want to store transferred files.
HostName 远程 FTP 服务器的主机名( 或。
用户名 The username used to log in to the remote FTP server.

The password used to log in to the remote FTP server.



分支 详细信息


OnError Path taken when the action fails to execute properly.


  • Sendfile transfers one file, and on completion moves down the Default branch.
  • 如果您正在使用 云存储服务,请在发送文件时使用 Admin 而不是使用 Sendfile 操作来配置复制到 SEA选项。