Download and Install Studio

If you are downloading Studio with the browser-agnostic downloader (Studio.exe) for the first time and already have a version installed, you must first uninstall your existing Studio by clicking Control PanelPrograms and Features, selecting Studio, and clicking Uninstall.

You may want to double-check your browser or anti-virus software settings to be sure that Studio is allowed to download. Panda Cloud Anti-Virus is known to block Studio downloads; if you have the Panda anti-virus program, visit the Panda Security website and search for "modifying internet connection permissions" for more information on configuring Panda to prevent this. Perform the following steps to download and install Studio:

  1. In the ACD application, click SupportSoftware and Updates.
  2. Click Accept when the legal message appears.
  3. From the list of applications click Studio.exe:
  4. Click Install.
  5. When the login window appears, enter your credentials to access Studio. The User field is pre-filled with your platform username. For information on different login types, see Log In to Studio.

Studio prompts you to automatically update as NICE inContact releases new features, hotfixes, and so forth. An archived Studio version will remain in your local folder after each update for potential diagnostic reasons.