Single Sign On with Third Party as Identity Provider

You may configure a third party application as the identity provider to automatically authenticate their agents to the Agent for Oracle Service Cloud platform. Their identity provider credentials will become their Agent for Oracle Service Cloud credentials.

Enable Open ID Connect in Central

Complete the Configure Open ID Connect process.

Once you've selected your third party identity provider, you must enter the following redirect URL for Agent for Oracle Service Cloud in the third party application settings:

Configure Single Sign-On in Oracle Service Cloud

  1. Click Navigation (indicated by a rocket icon) → Configuration (indicated by a paper and wrench icon) → Site Configuration and double-click Add-in Manager.

  2. Expand Agent Desktop Add-ins and select

  3. At the top of Agent for Oracle Service Cloud, select Profile Access.

  4. Highlight your profile.

  5. In the Value field for CustomDomain, enter the fully qualified hostname, which is a combination of your Business Unit Hostname and your domain, configured in Central. For example,; where salesforceasidp is the business unit hostname and ucnlabext is the domain name configured in Central.

  6. In the upper left-hand corner, click Save.

When you relaunch Agent for Oracle Service Cloud and click the Login button, you will see the third party identity provider's log in page to enter your credentials.