Release Notes

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After your business unitHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your NICE inContact environment has been updated, MAX users must clear their browser cache and cookies before using MAX for the first time. Otherwise, MAX may not function correctly. If you are unsure how to do this, perform an Internet search for keyword clear cache <browser name> (for example, clear cache Internet Explorer).

Summer 2018 New Features


Central Administrative Interface Reskinning

You can optionally select a different product skin with a modern look and feel, which includes a restructured layout for the menu navigation. To switch to the new skin now, talk to your NICE inContact account representative.

New Login Page after New Skin Rollout

A new login page that matches the style of the new product interface skin will replace the old login page on September 26, 2018.

Email Domain Administration for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

The email domain keys required to route outgoing email messages through Amazon SES can now be viewed in a new section of Central called Email Domains. Each email domain is associated with an Amazon SES key, which your IT staff needs for a validation process. Outgoing emails from validated 'from' domains are routed through Amazon SES. For unvalidated domains, outgoing emails will continue to be delivered through legacy infrastructure until it is retired in early 2019. To avoid future disruptions in your email delivery, review your email domains and work with your IT staff to begin the validation process.

OpenID Connect

When you configure your OpenID Connect settings for the business unit, you can now select a client authentication method and optionally enable a FICAM profile.

Interaction Analytics

End of Contact Sentiment Detection

Users can determine what a customer’s sentiment is at the end of an interaction with an agent.

Ability to Determine what Triggered an Annotation

Users can understand what is driving sentiment, categorization, and entity detection. Text that causes the contact to match for a particular category, sentiment, or entity is highlighted.

User Interface and Navigation Updates

The appearance of the UI and some navigation are updated to align with CXone.

Specify Entity Types to Display in Bubble Chart

Users can customize the types of insights they see in their bubble charts, giving them improved ability to understand sentiment around critical areas.

Workspace Updates

Dashboards are now known as workspaces. Workflows related to editing workspaces and workspace templates have changed.

Ability to Export All Fields Via Contact Widget Export

When an export is created from the Contacts widget, it includes not only Contacts widget specific fields, but all available contact metadata.


Improved Wallboards

Wallboard admins have access to two new slide types. Leader Boards show animations and pictures of the top five agents for the main metric displayed, also with an enhanced stack-view ranking.


All roles are tied to a persona to increase security and messaging to the right groups. Personas also enable a smoother roll-out of new features.

Coaching Enhancements

Users can interact with various dashboard modules to access coaching functionalities directly from the module interface.

Module Preview Feature

Improved interface design makes the modules toolbar menu more user-friendly, with a Favorite Modules section, pop-up information while hovering over modules, and category organization.

Subscription Management

The new subscription management page enables a user with an administrative role to manage all subscriptions for an entire organization, including editing and deleting subscriptions created by others.


Preferred Workspace Size Settings

Agents can resize and set a preferred width for MAX and each media workspace; for example, an agent could set a different width for the phone workspace versus the email workspace. As the agent works, MAX resizes each workspace to the width previously set by the agent.

Conference Call Masking

Agents can use the mask tool during a conference call to exclude portions of the call from the recorded audio.

Personal Connection

Changes to API Settings

Users can use the newly created Outbound Skill API to update Personal Connection Parameter settings, with the exception of Time Zone Management, Retry Disposition Management, and Cadence Management settings.

Power Agent

Encryption Upgrade for Power Agent

Power Agent has been upgraded to support TLS 1.1 and 1.2 encryption protocols to discontinue support of TLS 1.0. To avoid potential service disruptions, upgrade to the new version of Power Agent within two weeks. The legacy TLS 1.0 protocol, which was required by the previous version of Power Agent, will be deactivated on the NICE inContact servers.


Chat Contact End Reason Column

The Contact End Reason field in the Contact Detail report includes reasons for ending chat contacts. This report now indicates which party closed the chat window, by agent, by patron, or from a system timeout.

Social Media

These features are an integrated work item available in Agent for Salesforce and MAX.

Support for Instagram

Agents can handle Instagram comments.

Support for Viber

Agents can handle Viber private messages.

Integrated Emoji Menu

Agents have access to an integrated emoji menu featuring standard social media emojis. When clicked, the emojis insert themselves into the agents' messages.

Support for Images

Agents are able to receive and upload images when using qualifying social media networks and activity types.

Conversation Transcript Quick Copy

Agents can copy a full transcript of a conversation for pasting.

Enhanced User Management Interface

Administrators can add users, modify existing users, and remove inactive users.

Scheduled Reporting

Administrators can schedule reports for distribution via Email.

Scheduled Posts and Tweets

Administrators can schedule tweets or Facebook posts from their authenticated accounts.


Enterprise Scalability

Supervisor can now handle the higher volume demands of large contact centers, which also makes the application available to Enterprise customers.

Skill Proficiency Update

Supervisors can change an agent's skill proficiency by using a slider bar. The range will be 1-20, providing supervisors with a more granular level of control over skill proficiencies.

inContact Agent for Salesforce New Features and Enhancements

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NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce 9.1

Omni-Channel Status Mapping Enhancement

Administrators can now map Agent for Salesforce statuses on a 1 to 1 basis with Salesforce Omni-Channel widget statuses.  Status synching can be controlled by selecting which system is the master.