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Global and API Changes for Spring 2021

API Façade

NICE inContact continues to update the API framework to use the API Façade and move the remaining clusters in groups to the API Façade. Earlier, in October-November 2020, C9, B3, C26, and C28 were moved. When using the Central Oauth authentication method, the “resource_server_base_uri” value will change to the API Façade URI.

This change facilitates unification of the CXone suite and improves the performance of our API framework. It enables use of a single URL for all API requests for an area instead of URLs for individual clusters. The API Façade also allows encryption of some API endpoints, providing better security.

You will receive at least 10 days notice prior to your business unitClosedHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your CXone environment move to the API Façade.

Ahead of this change, you should add the API Façade URI for your area to your allow list. The URI for the API Façade is:


If you don't know your area, go to the Ports page and select your cluster. This displays all domain names for your area (including the API Façade). Once your cluster is switched to use the API Façade, your authentication response will reflect the API Façade for your area.

Browser Support Changes The CXone web portal now supports the new Microsoft Edge, which is based on Chromium. Internet Explorer and legacy Edge are no longer supported. Customers using Engage QM Integrated, which only supports Internet Explorer, must use IE Compatibility mode in Microsoft Edge or the IE tab extension in Google Chrome. You can find complete information about browser support for CXone suite applications in our platform requirements.

Release Adjustments for Spring 2021

These features are adjustments to those previously announced. Each item includes a description of the feature as it was previously published on the Coming Soon page.

Changed Features

Fully Integrated Lightning Agent for Salesforce User Experience Enhancements

Agents will be able to:

  • View queue counts and their related icons in a new display bar on the home screen. This will replace Show Queue.

  • Automatically view the dial pad when transferring a call.

  • Select whether the agent application will display icons or text.

User Interface Updates

Your experience is now more unified with interface updates that enhance the CXone look and feel. These changes affect:

Features to be Released at a Later Date

Partner Log Reader

Coming Soon in the April 2021 Minor Release

Self-Service Port Management

Coming Soon in the April 2021 Minor Release

Context-Sensitive Help in Supervisor

There will be a new icon in Supervisor that will launch the online help and take you directly to the relevant information.

Upgrade to .NET Framework 4.8

CXone code upgrade to .NET Framework version 4.8 for Workforce Intelligence, Studio, and DB Connector.

Support for Verified SMS Messages for Android inDigital First Omnichannel

Customers will be able to configure Digital First Omnichannel SMS messages to display their logo, preview text, and the Google-verified symbol for customers using Android devices. This improves engagement and transparency with their customers because open and click-through rates are four times better for messages with these features. Messages received by customers using other platforms will continue to display in the standard SMS format.
Agent Performance Report The new Agent Performance report will display a list of agents and their associated performance metrics including handle, hold, and time metrics. From the generated agent list, you will be able to drill down to a list of contacts handled by a specific agent. Contact information and skill information will be available for each listed contact.
Outbound Agent Performance Widget The Outbound Agent Performance widget will allow users to view a list of agents assigned to outbound skills and their associated outbound metrics. This widget will provide a comprehensive look at the outbound performance within your contact center.

Features Added to this Release

To see the following features in detail, select the product in the filter on the New Applications and Features page. The table shows the product on the left and the feature title on the right.

Media Services

Music Update

Partner Apps Tenant-Level Impersonation Control in Tenant Management
Studio Script Error Safety Precaution

What's New in the Online Help for Spring 2021


The online help is now fully responsive. It can be viewed with ease on large monitors as well as devices like tablets and phones.

Platform Requirements

The platform requirements section has been completely revamped to provide a more user-friendly experience. Computer requirements, supported operating systems, and supported browsers are now shown on the same page. The page itself is organized by CXone application rather than by requirement. This enables users to see all platform requirements for a given application in one area. The supported languages page has also been updated for easier reading.
Localized Images Product Documentation has begun localizing all screenshots in the online help to match the language in which the help is being viewed. While this project is underway, users may see a mix of localized and English screenshots in their non-English help. This process is expected to complete later this year.

End-Of-Life Notifications for Spring 2021

Secondary Disposition The Secondary Disposition feature has been deprecated in the Spring 2021 release. You must modify your configurations to use the Tags feature instead.