Record and Edit a Prompt

A voice prompt is a recorded message that is played by auto-attendants, interactive voice response (IVRInteractive Voice Response; an automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both.) systems, and other voice processing tools. The "prompt" is a request to input some kind of data, either through speech or through DTMF (the audible tones that correspond to pressing a key on your dialpad). For example, if you hear a menu with options to "press 1 for Sales or 2 for Support" then you are hearing a prompt that is asking you to input a value, specifically 1 or 2.

In Studio, only a few select actions have options to add a voice prompt, such as MENU, PLAY, WHISPER, and ASRMENU. When you drag any of these actions to the canvas, you can double-click the action to open the Play Properties window. Though this window shows Play Properties in the title bar, it is most commonly referred to as the Prompt Manager.

Record a Prompt

  1. Double-click the action icon to open the Prompt Manager (must be an action that supports voice prompts).

  2. Click Play a Wave File and select New.

  3. When you see a new sequence that appears in the Sequence Value field, type over the default value with a new name for the .wavWAVeform audio file; used to store audio bitstreams such as call recordings. file. Note that when you change the name of the file in the Sequence Value field, the name also changes in the list of sequences as well.

  4. Click the Connect Prompt Manager icon in the toolbar (indicated by the yellow telephone) to open the Prompt Manager Login window.

  5. Type the phone number of the phone that you want to use to record the prompt. A recording service will call the number you entered, allowing you to record a prompt through the phone.

  6. Click Connect to receive a call from the recording service.

  7. Answer the phone call. You will see certain icons in the Prompt Manager toolbar become enabled. Additionally, a notification indicates that you that the Prompt Manager is ready to record.

  8. Click the Record icon (indicated by a red circle) to begin recording your prompt.

  9. When you hear a beep from the call, clearly speak your voice prompt.

  10. When you are done recording, click the Stop icon (indicated by a blue square).

  11. If you want to, Without hanging up the phone, click the Play icon to listen to the recording:

  12. If the voice prompt is acceptable, hang up the phone. If it is not acceptable, click the Record icon to record the prompt again.

  13. When you view the properties for an action that can play a prompt, the name of the prompt displays in the Sequence field. You can change this sequence value to select another prompt at any time. After recording a prompt, the new prompt displays in this field.

Edit a Prompt

The Wave Editor allows you to trim unwanted audio from the beginning and end of a WAV file.

  1. Double-click an action that supports prompts. The prompt manager may already be open if you just recorded a prompt.
  2. Click the Edit Wave icon in the toolbar to launch the Wave Editor.
  3. Select the WAV file that you want to edit from the Prompts column.
  4. Click the left mouse button to highlight the beginning of the prompt that you want to trim out.
  5. Click the right mouse button to highlight the end of the prompt that you want to trim out.
  6. If you want to, Check that you have trimmed the appropriate amounts of audio by clicking the green Play icon to play the prompt with the highlighted sections you want to remove.
  7. Click EditTrim to remove the highlighted sections of the WAV file.
  8. Save the file (FileSave).
  9. Close the Wave Editor.