Take Over Agent Calls

Taking over an agent's active call removes the agent from the call and opens MAX to give you full control of the conversation. You can transfer, conference, or perform any other action the agent could. When you take over a call, Supervisor becomes disabled until you complete the call and log out of MAX.

  1. Hover over a row in the Agents list to display options for the call you want to take over. Click the Take Over icon.

    If the Take Over icon is not visible, you may not have the correct permissions or the agent is not handling a call.

  2. When prompted, click to confirm that you want to take over the call. You may need to configure and connect your agent leg.

    The agent receives notification that the contact has been taken over by a supervisor.

  3. MAX automatically launches an agent interface to allow you to effectively finish the call. Reconnect your agent leg in Supervisor following the completion of the call.