Use Advanced Chat and Co-browse

Log In to Advanced Chat

Activate Your Account

This is a one-time only task that you must complete before you can use the Advanced Chat application.

  1. Click the activation link in your activation email. The link expires after 24 hours.

  2. Click Activate your account in the browser window that opened when you clicked the link.
  3. Type your email address.
  4. Create and confirm a new password.
  5. Type the text in the Captcha box.
  6. Click Register.

Log In

  1. Type your email address in the Username field.
  2. Check the Remember Me box if you want the browser to auto-fill your username in the future.
  3. Type your password.
  4. Click Log in.
  5. Set your Advanced Chat status to Online.
  6. Log in to Central and launch the MAX Agent to begin handling advanced chats.

Begin an Advanced Chat

  1. Set your MAX agent status to Available and Advanced Chat application status to Online.
  2. When a chat confirmation window appears, click Accept. If you click Reject or fail to respond within the allotted time, the system routes the chat request back to the queue for reassignment.

Transfer a Chat from Advanced Chat

Do not use this method to transfer chats from the Advanced Chat application unless it is required by your administrator. Use the MAX transfer option instead.

  1. In the Customer Engagement Panel, click MenuTransfer.
  2. Click the name of the agent or group you want to receive the chat.

Use Canned Responses in an Advanced Chat

  1. Click + in the chat window to see available canned responses.

  2. Scroll or search for the canned response you want to use in the pop-up window.

  3. Click your chosen canned response.
  4. Edit the response as needed when it appears in the text entry field.
  5. Press Enter to send the message.

Update the Case Information for an Advanced Chat

  1. Click the Select Case Type drop-down and select the appropriate case type from the list.

  2. Select the radio button for the appropriate case closure.
  3. If you want an emailed transcript of the chat, click Send this chat as email.
  4. Save your changes in one of the following ways:

    • To save and continue the chat, click Save this case and create new.
    • To save and end the chat, click Finish.

Start a Co-browsing Session

Start Co-browsing from an Active Chat Window

  1. Click Menu.

  2. Click Co-browsing.

Send a Meeting Code to a Contact to Start Co-browsing

  1. Click Queue Menu Settings.

  2. Click Generate meeting code.

  3. When the Start Code appears, click Copy.
  4. Send the code to the contact.
  5. Click Close.

Manage a Co-browsing Session

Once you are viewing the contact's screen, use the buttons on the top of the screen to pause the screen on your side, zoom in or out of your view of the screen, highlight an area of the screen for the contact, or update the page to see field values the contact has entered. For more information, see The Advanced Chat Co-browsing Interface.

End a Co-browsing Session

In the toolbar above the contact's screen, click the close icon.

Your chat with the contact remains active until you end it.

Share Your Screen with the Contact

You can share your screen or a single open application on your screen with a contact. The screen or application are live, so contacts can see updates you make while you share.

  1. Click the screen sharing icon in the toolbar of the chat window, indicated by two monitors.
  2. In the selection window, select the screen or application you want to share with the contact. Click Share.
  3. When you are finished sharing your screen, click the screen sharing icon again to disable it.

Block a Contact in Advanced Chat

You can block contacts who are spamming or harassing you. Note that the block is unique to the browser and the same contact could possibly initiate another chat session from a different browser.

  1. In the application, click Menu.

  2. Click Block in the drop-down menu.

End an Advanced Chat

  1. In the chat window, click the menu.

  2. Click Disconnect in the drop-down menu.