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The Interaction Analytics Pro application allows you to view your data in several different graphical widgetsA graphical chart with data that meets specified filter criteria to help contact center supervisors and managers understand trends in the contact center.

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Contact Text
A stream of recent transcripts that shows the date and time at which the conversation occurred, the first few lines of the transcript, and the sentimentThe overall mood of the contact, or the result of the call as determined by analysis of words, phrases, and context of the transcript. An interaction can be positive (blue), negative (red), frustrated, mixed (dark gray), or neutral (light gray). assigned to it. For more information, see Contact Text Widget.
A table of recent conversations from your contact center, including the agent who handled the contact and the team to which the agent belongs. From the widget, you can view full transcripts and listen to call recordings. For more information, see Contacts Widget.
A divided bar representing the percentage of total interactions in the topic data where the contact was male and where the contact was female. From the widget, you can view full transcripts and listen to recordings. For more information, see Gender Widget.


Overview Bar
Key summary information: 1) Average mentions per day, hour, and minute for the dashboard's selected time period, 2) Average ratio of sentiment for matching articles, and 3) Sentiment volatility or rate of change across the selected time period. For more information, see Overview Bar Widget.
The number or percentage of contacts in the topic that came from voice calls, emails, and chats. For more information, see Channels Widget.
Top Categories
A bar chart displaying categories with the top volume of matching contacts. For more information, see Top Categories Widget.
A bar chart displaying contacts that match a configured value for a selected metric field. For more information, see Metrics Widget.
Top Company Profile Terms
A line graph displaying mentions of the terms configured in the company profileA form where you can create custom entities that inContact Analytics can use to parse and analyze data that is of interest to your company. over time. For more information, see Top Company Profile Terms Widget.
A chart that displays the keywordsAn individual word you enter into NICE inContact Interaction Analytics Pros to flag it as a word with special significance or as a word to use as criteria for including or excluding data from a topic or widget. most often mentioned in the topic contacts, sized based on the number of mentions. For more information, see Keywords Widget.
A graph that displays the number of unresolved contacts per category or per agent. For more information, see Most Unresolved Contacts Widget.


Sentiment Trend
The volume of mentionsThe appearance of a keyword, phrase, or entity in topic transcripts. over the selected time period segmented by sentiment. For more information, see Sentiment Trend Widget.
What People Are Talking About
The top 50 terms of interest by relative volume of occurrence. For more information, see What People Are Talking About Widget.


Frustrated Contacts
A graph that displays the number of frustrated contacts per category or per agent. For more information, see Frustrated Contacts Widget.
Frustration Trend
The volume of frustrated contacts over the selected period of time. For more information, see Frustration Trend Widget.