Set up Multi-factor Authentication

For added security, you can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) to require users to log in with an MFA key in addition to their password. When you require MFA, it is expected that you will provide a device with an MFA application, such as Google Authenticator. The first time users log in after you enable MFA, they must configure their MFA secret.

MFA is typically used for administrators, but you can require MFA for any user by enabling it in their security profile. It is recommended that you not enable MFA for your main administrator. If the main administrator loses the MFA device or secret, the only way to reset it is to file a ticket with NICE inContact.

  1. In the Admin module, click Security Profiles.

  2. Locate the security profile you want to modify and click the profile to open it. You can also create a new security profile.
  3. Click the Password Policy tab. Click Edit.
  4. Select the Require Multi-factor Authentication checkbox.
  5. From the MFA Type drop-down, select either TOTP for time-based MFA or HOTP for counter-based MFA.
  6. Click Done.