Set Up Progressive Proactive Voice Dialing

Required security profile permissionsCampaigns Create, Skills Create, and Do Not Call List Edit and access to teams

The following instructions demonstrate setting up the progressive dialing mode, which dials a single call per agent at a time. It guarantees that the dialer will not abandon any calls it dials. The instructions assume that you already have users and teams set up.

  1. If you have not already done so, create a campaignA grouping of skills used to run reports..

    1. In the ACD module, click Contact SettingsCampaigns.

    2. Click Create New.

    3. Enter a Campaign Name. Click Create Campaign.

  2. Create a PC skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge.
    1. In the ACD module, click Contact SettingsACD Skills.

    2. Click Create New and select Single Skill.

    3. Set the Media Type to Phone Call, give the skill a unique name, and set Inbound/Outbound to Outbound. Select the campaign you created in the preceding steps for Campaign and set Outbound Strategy to Personal Connection.

    4. If you want screen pops enabled, select Use Screen Pops.

  3. Fill in any of the other fields that you want. Click Create.

    The skill details modal appears for your new skill.

  4. Assign users to the new skill.

    1. Click the Users tab in the skill details modal.

    2. Use one of the following two options to add users to the skill:
      • If you want to add all users to the skill, click Add All.

      • If you want to add only certain users to the skill, browse or search for the users and select the checkbox in each corresponding row. Click Add Users.

    3. Set the Proficiency for each user in this skill to a number between 1 (highest) and 20 (lowest). Click Save Proficiencies.

  5. Associate the new skill with a do not call group. Either create a new group or add the skill to existing groups.

  6. Change the maximum dialing ratio to 1. Select the Block Multiple Calls checkbox .

  7. Block multiple calls per agent in the skill settings.

    1. In the ACD module, click Contact SettingsACD Skills.

    2. Locate the PC skill you want to modify. Click the skill to open it.

    3. Click the Parameters tab.

    4. Scroll down the Parameters modal and look for General Settings. Click Edit or Configure.

    5. Under General Pacing Settings, change the Maximum Ratio and Aggressiveness according to your needs.

      Setting your Aggressiveness to anything besides Conservative can cause your system to reach the maximum allowed abandon rate too quickly. When that occurs, safety protocols invoke a 1:1 dialing ratio.

    1. Under Pacing Safety Controls, change the Percentage of Agents Before Overdial and Block Multiple Calls according to your needs. If you want to configure the skill for progressive, or 1:1 dialing, select the Block Multiple Calls checkbox.

    2. Click Done.

  8. Customize the skill.

  9. Start the new skill or create an automatic skill schedule.