Create/Edit Attempt-based Answering Machine Detection Outcomes

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When you set your Call Progress Analysis setting to Classify with Answering Machine Detection, you have the ability to set the outcome when the dialer detects an answering machine.

  1. In the ACD module, click Contact SettingsSkills.

  2. Locate the PC skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge you want to modify. Click the skill to open it.

  3. Click the Parameters tab. Scroll down the Parameters modal and look for CPA Management. Click Configure or Edit.

  4. Set the Call Progress Analysis to Classify with Answering Machine Detection. Select a Default Action from the drop-down. This action applies to all attempt numbers without a configured exception.

  5. (OPTIONAL) Add a new exception to the default action.
    1. Click Add Exception.

    2. From the drop-down on the left, select the dial attempt on which you want the different behavior to occur. From the drop-down on the right, select the behavior you want to occur on that attempt.

    3. Continue creating any other exceptions you want using the same method.

  6. To remove an exception, click the minus button to the left of the corresponding row.

  7. Click Done.