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Maximum Attempts
The maximum number of attempts the dialer will make for each phone type.
Attempt Mode
The type of cadence Personal Connection (PC) uses. The two options are Repeat and Single Pass. When you select Repeat, PC repeats the cadence after dialing numbers in the chosen order the first time. When you select Single Pass, PC dials the numbers in the chosen order once and gives up.
Record Request Mode
The method PC uses to determine which destination on the record to select for the next attempt. Choose from:
  • SequentialPC follows the pattern defined in the cadence until the destination becomes exhausted or finalized.
  • Next BestPC evaluates all destinations. Under Next Best, PC respects cadence order preference when multiple destinations are ready simultaneously.
Destination Retry Rest Minutes

In a multi-number dialing environment, the amount of time the dialer waits before switching from one number to the next.

For example, if you have three numbers configured with a cadence of home, work, cell repeated, the Destination Retry Rest Minutes of 1, a Time Delay Before Retry setting for answering machine outcomes of 4 Hours, and a Time Delay Before Retry setting for busy signal outcomes of 5 Minutes, the following might occur:

  • The first attempt is for home. It reaches an answering machine, so PC schedules home to rest for a minimum of four hours.
  • After one minute, PC attempts to dial work, which reaches a busy signal. PC schedules work to rest a minimum of five minutes.
  • After one minute, PC attempts to call cell. This also results in an answering machine, so PC schedules it to rest for four hours.
  • Because you set the cadence to repeat, the next action is to dial home. Even though work is available in five minutes, PC follows the cadence you defined and dials each destination in turn, waiting for the home destination to become available again after resting for four hours.


The order in which the system attempts each destination defined in the calling record. The cadence can include calling and SMS destinations.

When you click Add Cadence, you add a new, or repeat a previously listed, number to the cadence. You must then select the phone number field from the Calling Order drop-down, the number of Attempts the system should make before moving to the next number in the cadence, and the order in which you want the numbers called. To specify the order, set the value of the Order field as 1 for the first number you want to attempt, 2 for the second number you want to attempt, and so on.

If the attempt is an SMS message, you must select one of the three Final Outcome options to give the number after PC sends the message.

You can set time constraints for each number in the cadence by clicking Time Constraints. See Set the Allowable Time Range for Proactive Dialing or SMS Messaging for more information.

For information about setting the cadence, see Set the Dialing Order for Multiple Phone Numbers.

Calling Order
The type of phone number type you want to configure PC to call a certain number of times in the cadence.

The number of times PC attempts the phone number type specified in the Calling Order before moving on to the next number.

The number order in which PC attempts this number type relative to other types. For example, if PhoneNumber is 1, HomePhone is 2, SmsPhoneNumber is 3, PhoneNumber is 4, and SmsPhoneNumber is 5, then PC attempts to dial the main phone number, then the home phone number, attempts to send an SMS  message, attempts to dial the main phone number again, then attempts to send another SMS message. This example assumes SMS is set to retry in the cadence. If it is not, the system may finalize the record after sending the first SMS.
Final Outcome

Available only for proactive agentlessContacts made without a live agent for tasks such as one-way delivery of information or messages.. SMS , defines the record status after the SMS message is sent. Choose from:

  • SMS Final - Destination — The SMS was successful and other destinations in the record are available to attempt. The record is still active.
  • SMS Final - Record — The SMS was successful and PC will make no other attempts on the record. The record is final.
  • SMS Retry — The SMS was successful but PC will make more attempts on the record. You can add another SMS attempt to the cadence if you set Final Outcome to SMS Retry. See Retry Management for information about setting the frequency of SMS retries.

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