Create Multi-number Proactive Dialing Records

Required security profile permissions: Calling List Create

Personal Connection (PC) allows you to assign multiple numbers to a dialing record. For example, you could have PC attempt to call the home number of each record three times before attempting to call the cell number. After two attempts on the cell, you can have PC send an  message to the cell phone, then try the home number a few more times and attempt the work number.

You can set up different allowable calling times for each individual phone number in the record, and you can have a default allowable calling time for each type of number in the calling list. It applies to all records that do not contain an individually specified allowable time range.

You cannot use the same calling list for both proactive phone (voice, SMS, or both) and proactive email. If you want to use the same calling list for both, you must upload the list twice and assign one to a proactive phone skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge and one to a proactive email skill.

A record can currently contain no more than six different phone numbers.

  1. Create a custom data definition for each phone number type you want to include in the calling list.
    1. If you want to customize the caller ID, description, maximum allowed attempts, or compliance application on a per-record basis, first create custom fields for them. If you want to customize the allowable calling time on a per-number basis, also create custom start time and end time fields as described in the preceding link.

  2. Create a calling list with columns corresponding with the phone number types you want.

  3. Upload the calling list and map the phone number fields to the custom data definitions you created for the phone number types.

  4. Set the dialing order of the phone numbers.