Map Custom Calling List Data

Required security profile permissions: Calling List Create

When you upload a calling list, you have the option to map custom fields to columns in your calling list. This includes new phone fields (cell, work, SMS, or other), an amount owed by the contact, and so forth. After you create custom data definitions, those fields appear on the calling list upload page and you can map them there. You can create a new phone field during the process of mapping fields to a new calling list. See Supported Time Zones for more information on acceptable time zone full names and abbreviations.

  1. Create the custom calling list data. To do so, see Create Custom Data Definitions. You can create a new phone field later in this process; however, if you want a new, specific caller ID, attempts, description, or compliance field to relate directly to the new field, you must create them now.

  2. When you are Upload a Calling List, map the new field, located under Map Custom Data, to the correct column in your calling list file.

    If you map a phone field to a specific skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge, it appears under the cadence options for that skill. If you do not want to include a specific phone number in the Maximum Attempts or Cadence Calling Order, do not map those phone numbers to fields. Once you map the field, you cannot remove it from the cadence settings.

  3. If you see a red exclamation point next to a custom field you are mapping to your calling list, that means you selected Value Required for that custom field and have null values for that field in the calling list. Records with null values for that field fail during list processing. To prevent those records from failing, either enter a value for each record in the calling list and re-upload it or clear the Value Required field of the custom data definition.