Calling List Field Mapping Match Details

When you upload a calling list, Personal Connection (PC) automatically attempts to map fields from the calling list to system fields. It looks for an exact match or a partial match. The table below documents the exact and partial matches that the system maps automatically. If you use this as a guide for naming columns in your calling lists, PC can accurately map them to system fields.

System Field Name Exact Partials
PhoneNumber number, PhoneNumber phone
Priority Priority, HotLead priority, hot
ExternalId ExternalId record, unique, id, external
FirstName FName, FirstName first
LastName LName, LastName last, name
Score Score score
State State state
Zip Zip zip, postal
Address Address addr
City City city
CallerID CallerID caller
ConfirmationRequired ConfirmationRequired confirm, required, confirmation
Compliance IsCellPhone, Compliance compliance, comp
TimeZone TimeZone zone, TZ
OverrideFinalizationStatuses OverrideFinalizationStatuses override
CallRequestDateTime CallRequestDateTime request, date, preferred, callback
CallRequestStaleMinutes CallRequestStaleMinutes stale
Notes Notes note
ExpirationDate ExpirationDate exp
Agent Agent, AgentId agent, agt
SMSPhoneNumber SMSPhoneNumber, SMSPhone, SMSNumber SMS

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