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Thin/Power Agent Overview

Agent is an interface tool that a contact center representative uses to handle calls, chats, email, and work itemsCustomizable method of delivering contacts to an agent via Studio scripts.. Supervisors can also use the interface to monitor and improve agent performance. Thin Agent, a web-based interface tool, and Power Agent, a downloadable application, provide identical features and functionality, with the exception of the Supervisor Panel Overview, which is only available with Thin Agent.

Simultaneous Agent interfaces are not supported.

The Thin/Power Agent Interface

Agent interface toolbar. See Agent Toolbar for a list of available icons.
2-Available Icons
Displays available toolbar icons. See Agent Toolbar for a list of available icons.
3-Availability Status
Click to view a list of availability statuses and change your status.
The bar also displays the amount of time that you have been in your current state. When you change your state, the timer resets to zero.
4-Agent Leg Status
The agent legAn active piece of a call that connects between routers, gateways, or telephony devices. status icon indicates your connection status:
Agent leg is not connected
Agent leg is attempting to connect or dialing a contact
Agent leg is connected or active
5-Active Icons
Displays a panel for each active icon.

Other agent interface products include:

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