Release Notes

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After your business unit has been updated, MAX users must clear their browser cache and cookies before using MAX for the first time. Otherwise, MAX may not function correctly. If you are unsure how to do this, perform an Internet search for keyword clear cache <browser name> (for example, clear cache Internet Explorer).

Winter 2018 Update

API Framework

API Headers Updated for Cloud Storage Services

An alternative status description header has been added for customers using Cloud Storage Services. This header is called icStatusDescription and it is added to all responses from API or authorization servers that have a status description included.


Multi-factor Authentication for Login

You can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Central users by selecting a new option in the Password Policy tab of the security profile assigned to the users. If enabled, users with the affected security profile must configure an MFA secret the first time they log in after MFA is enabled, and a new MFA token field appears on the login screen after that.

A video demonstration is available for setting up and using MFA.

Customer Chat Interface

Resizable Popped-Out Chat Window

This allows a popped-out chat window to maintain positioning and perspective of its elements when a chat user resizes the window.

Chat POC Post-Contact Settings Compliance

This makes the HTML5 (V2) Customer Chat Interface fully compliant with the post-contact settings specified on a point of contact.

Multiple Hyperlink Capability in Chat Post-Contact Window

All hyperlinks listed in the post-contact window are enabled. Previously, only the first hyperlink listed worked.

Title Change for Pop-Out Chat Window from "Patron Chat" to "Live Chat"

The title of the pop out chat window has been changed from Patron Chat to Live Chat.

Download Chat Transcript PDF's in HTML5

This feature enables contacts to download PDF versions of their chat transcripts. This output includes formatting, such as language, icons, and colors. This feature is directly linked to the email chat transcripts feature; one cannot be enabled without the other.

Email Chat Transcripts in HTML5

This configurable option enables contacts to email chat transcripts to themselves and others. This feature is directly linked to the download chat transcripts feature; one cannot be enabled without the other.

Display QUEMSG Action Status in Chat Interface

Customer Chat Interface now supports the QUEMSG action in Studio. This provides users with the ability to display a variety of personalized information on the waiting queue screen. Contacts view this information while they are waiting for an agent to connect.


Event Log Improvements

The MAX event log now retains the most recent 200 events and can span browser refreshes and multiple login sessions. The Send button has been removed from the Event Log page and has been replaced with a checkbox in the Feedback page that enables agents to include the event log along with their agent feedback. You can review submitted agent feedback, including attached event logs, in the Agent Issues report (Admin Support Agent Issues).

Information Page Enhancements

The Information page in MAX contains a Network Status chart to illustrate how long it is currently taking MAX to receive responses from the NICE inContact servers. The Information page contains a Reload button to simplify the process of refreshing MAX, as instructed by NICE inContact Technical Support. In addition, the page displays more details about the agent—such as the agent's username, team name, and routing mode—to facilitate troubleshooting efforts.

Cloud Storage Services

Secure External Access

When you set up Secure External Access (SEA), you can move or copy files from active storage in storage services to an S3 bucket where you can retrieve the files. You can access this feature in Central from Admin Secure External Access.

Personal Connection

List Sorting Default Has Changed with RANDOM as the Final Criterion

The List Sort Default, which applies to new skills as they are created, has been changed from PRIORITY to CREATED DATE. Additionally, RANDOM criteria is applied to all SORT criteria as the final criteria when fewer than 6 conditions are defined. RANDOM is accomplished through the creation of a random string that is appended to the sort criteria already specified.


Studio Action - ANALYTICS

The ANALYTICS action triggers sentiment analysis on email text, evaluating content for positive, negative, neutral, or mixed tones. The emails can be routed to agents based on this analysis. For example, an email with negative or mixed sentiment analysis can be routed to an agent skilled at customer retention.

Workforce Intelligence

Skill Action Enhancements for Skill-Based Rules

New capabilities in actions now allow you to automate skill management in skill-based rules in different ways. In addition to adding or removing skills, users can configure actions that activate skills. Users can also specify proficiency for skills added to an agent by a skill-based action. Previously, these capabilities were only available for agent-based rules.

Multiple Skill-Modifying Actions Per Rule

You can now configure multiple actions that modify skills as part of a single rule.

Minimum Available Agents Setting

Previously, a skill setting was available that prevented WFI rules from removing a skill from agents if the action resulted in the number of agents with that skill dropping below the specified number. This new, additional skill setting provides the same functionality for available agents; that is, WFI rules cannot remove a skill from agents if the number of available agents with that skill would drop below the specified number.

inContact Agent for Salesforce New Features and Enhancements

Click Agent for Salesforce Version Log for a log of previous versions.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce 7.0

Messages Icon

An icon has been added that allows agents to view a variety of messages eliminating the need to frequently switch screens to view messages.

Disposal of Bad Number Calls

A button has been added to allow agents to dispose of an outbound Personal Connection call before a message announcing an invalid or disconnected call has ended.

Place an Outbound Call After Email Interruption

After an email interruption, an agent can now put the interrupting inbound call on hold and dial an outbound call from outside of the address book.

Personal Connection Configurable Search

Contact center supervisors can now decide if they want to configure search options for varying campaign requirements by the standard phone number search or by what is included in the External ID field, which can offer agents more accurate search results.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce 8.0

Data Mapping Without Task Creation

This feature provides customers with the ability to map data to other objects without having a task previously created.

Tag Mapping

This feature allows supervisors and administrators to map tag information to Salesforce objects in addition to the contact information currently available.

Extended Length of Address Book Field Characters

The character length of phone number fields has been increased to support 28 characters as well as an additional two characters for ‘+1.’