Gamification Tasks

One method of spicing up the day-to-day monotony is by gamifying your contact center. You can add and manage incentives, competitions, and rewards directly through of your inView system. Users can earn rewards like gems and badges or use coins to customize their avatar or purchase items in the marketplace such as video games or paid time off (PTO). Contact your NICE inContact account manager to enable gamification features to your system.

Gamification tasks are generally performed in the Rules Engine, Marketplace, and Command Center. The Command Center allows the creation and management of games and challenges, the Rules Engine allows the creation and management of rules, and the Marketplace allows administrators to offer rewards to be purchased by agents.

Games vs Rules vs Challenges

Understanding the distinctions between these 3 gamification features will help you maximize the benefit of gamifying your contact center. Learn about the features below:


Games are meant to feel like a real game to agents. The simplicity of the metrics make games easy to create and easy to play and access. These reward initiative taken by agents, and does not obligate agents to participate.

  • 1 metric
  • 1 qualifier
  • 1 payout type per game
    • Top Dog - winners by rank
    • Bullseye - win by scoring in a range
    • Multiplier Madness - reward determined by ratio
  • Only actions available are rewards - coins, XP, or badges
  • Players must join games through their notification system or Games module - no obligation to play
  • Command Center provides a holistic view of running games, plus abilities to pay out rewards, give and create badges, and so forth
  • Rewards generated from the inView system


Rules are similar to games, but much more complex and powerful. A rule does not engage agents like a game, but rather is a method for administrators to track performance and reward agents with an effective or excellent performance. Administrators can develop a more intricate combination of metrics and qualifiers to calculate agent "scores". The complexity of rules make them more difficult to understand, track, and create, but the trade-off is a more powerful method of tracking agent performance.

  • Multiple metrics
  • Multiple qualifiers
  • Qualifiers can also be used as score modifiers
  • Score calculation step - define how metric performance generates a score
  • Multiple payout types
  • Multiple rewards or corrective actions
  • Rules Engine allows administrators to create and manage rules
  • Agents can track rules through the Rules I'm In toolbar widget
  • Rewards generated from the inView system


Challenges are another method of rewarding the initiative of agents. Agents can challenge each other by creating and joining challenges in the Challenges module; administrators/supervisors determine the basic parameters by which agents can create challenges, then empowers agents to create and participate in challenges of their own volition.

  • Simple setup - administrator determines basic challenge parameters in the Command Center
  • Agents launch and join challenges
  • Agents risk their own coins
  • Winner takes all
  • Rewards generated by participants wagering their own coins; rewards do not come from the inView system