NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce Version Log

Version 4.0

Agent Reports

Agents can view their performance and productivity statistics, as compared to their team's overall performance and productivity, through the Agent Reports dashboards within the interface. Viewable information includes: Inbound contacts handled, Outbound contacts handled, Total contacts handled, Team average of contacts handled, and Time-in-state statistics. The performance and productivity dashboards display information for the current workday, the previous day, or the span of the prior seven days.

Documentation Help and Tooltips on Hover

The NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce user interface now includes a direct link to the NICE inContact Help site, which is represented by a question mark icon. Additionally, administrators and agents can choose to enable Tooltips. This feature displays a brief description of the functionality of each icon on the user interface.

Email Parking

Previously, an agent had to complete an email contact before handling another contact. The email parking feature, which is configured at the skill level, allows agents to park any number of emails in order to handle other contacts. While on another contact, the agent can preview his or her list of parked emails, and may choose to unpark one (or many). Unparked contacts return to the agent’s personal queue, with a priority higher than any other contacts in the personal queue at that time. An unparked email is delivered when the agent is available for another contact.

Salesforce Omni-Channel Integration

Version 4.0 offers the ability to enable presence syncing between the available and unavailable states within the NICE inContact platform, and the online and busy states of the Salesforce Omni-Channel product. This allows customers to designate some channels, such as phone or email, to be routed by the NICE inContact platform while simultaneously using the Salesforce Live Agent for chat contacts. Customers can designate either NICE inContact or Salesforce as the master for availability settings. The master defines the state of availability when an agent’s state changes.

Version 5.0

Dynamic Address Books

Contact center agents can quickly access commonly used names, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as current statuses, using dynamic address books.

Email Inbox

Email messages can be parked to and accessed from an agent’s email inbox, which allows the agent to more efficiently prioritize his or her messages. An agent can choose to unpark a message immediately, or return the message to the queue for handling.

Chat Typing Indicators

When enabled, Chat Typing Indicators display a message when the patron or the agent are typing so that the recipient of the message knows that the other person is responding.

Patron Typing Preview

The Patron Typing Preview allows an agent to preview a patron's message before the message is actually sent, giving the agent extra time to prepare to address the patron's questions or concerns.

Delete Commitments

Previous releases allowed agents to create, edit, and reschedule commitments. With this release, agents can also delete unneeded commitments.

Voicemail Channel Data Mapping

Values from the voicemail channel can now be mapped to fields in Salesforce. All available variable values are selectable in the agent settings dialogs.

Windows 10 and MS Edge Support

This version includes support for Agent for Salesforce in Windows 10 and MS Edge.

Version 6.0

Lightning Certified Agent for Salesforce

Version 6 leverages the functionality of the new Salesforce Lightning Experience desktop app by using the upgraded Open CTI connector, in addition to retaining the option of using the Salesforce Classic interface.

Configurable Contact Mapping

The agent can now choose whether to map contact information to a new task or to an existing task. The option to always create a new task forces the creation of a new task for each new contact. This allows agents to work on other items without risking the mapping of data from a new contact to any existing tasks.

Separate Views for Agent-assigned and Skill-assigned Commitments

Pending commitments are now displayed according to whether they are assigned to the agent or to the skill queue.

Long Skill Names Shown Without Truncation

Agents can view longer skill names, up to 24 characters, without truncation. This allows agents to instantly see the end of a skill name without having to hover over it.

Personal Connection Linked Trigger Event Screen Pop Default

The Personal Connection trigger event default is now set to display screen pops when a call is linked, rather than when it is connected. You can configure the Trigger Event Screen Pop settings in Central.

Version 7.0

Messages Icon

An icon has been added that allows agents to view a variety of messages eliminating the need to frequently switch screens to view messages.

Disposal of Bad Number Calls

A button has been added to allow agents to dispose of an outbound Personal Connection call before a message announcing an invalid or disconnected call has ended.

Place an Outbound Call After Email Interruption

After an email interruption, an agent can now put the interrupting inbound call on hold and dial an outbound call from outside of the address book.

Personal Connection Configurable Search

Contact center supervisors can now decide if they want to configure search options for varying campaign requirements by the standard phone number search or by what is included in the External ID field, which can offer agents more accurate search results.

UI Changes Ahead of OSH

UI enhancements have been added to enable the phone channel in the popout, and simplify access to channel interactions.

Depending on the channel used, it may take two additional clicks to get to notes and results.

Version 8.0

Data Mapping Without Task Creation

This feature provides customers with the ability to map data to other objects without having a task previously created.

Tag Mapping

This feature allows supervisors and administrators to map tag information to Salesforce objects in addition to the contact information currently available.

Extended Length of Address Book Field Characters

The character length of phone number fields has been increased to support 28 characters as well as an additional two characters for ‘+1.’

Version 9.0

Results/Notes Tabs Placed More Prominently

Agents can see the Results and Notes tabs by default when they are on a call. Previously, agents had to click three times to access these tabs.

Pop Contact Screen for Inbound Email

When an inbound email is received, the application automatically searches the contact's records by email and pops the desired contact. This was previously completed through a Studio script.

Enhanced Who and What Field Mapping

Agents can choose to map contact data to all objects opened during the contact or to limit contact mapping to only the selected object in the Who and What fields.

Version 9.1

Omni-Channel Status Mapping Enhancement

Administrators can now map Agent for Salesforce statuses on a 1 to 1 basis with Salesforce Omni-Channel widget statuses.  Status synching can be controlled by selecting which system is the master.

Version 10.0

Single Sign On with Salesforce as Identity Provider

Agents are able to use Salesforce as their identity provider to automatically authenticate them to the NICE inContact platform. Agents using single sign on no longer have to log in to Central to change their password.

Single Sign On with Third Party as Identity Provider

Agents are able to use a Third Party as their identity provider to automatically authenticate them to the NICE inContact platform. Agents using single sign on no longer have to log in to Central to change their password.

Results Tab Defaults to Open

When an agent receives a contact, the Results tab default is open. This saves the agent an additional click when handling a contact.

Version 10.1

Softphone Integration

Agent for Salesforce supports an integrated softphone that utilizes browser WebRTC capabilities.

Version 11.0

External Routing for Digital Channels

Agent for Salesforce chats and cases are routed by NICE inContact and delivered to the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget for handling.

FedRAMP Compliance

Government cloud users can leverage Agent for Salesforce.