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NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce

This overview is for agents. If you're an administrator see NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce for Administrators.

The Agent for Salesforce interface integrates directly into Salesforce so you do not have to jump between an agent application and Salesforce. Instead, you can use Agent for Salesforce from within Salesforce.

A comprehensive product training video is available for those who are new to Agent for Salesforce.

The Agent for Salesforce enables the following features:

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce Interface

Agent for Salesforce Interface
Field Description
Messages Indicator (1) Indicates that there are one or more unread agent messages.
Agent Leg Status (2)

Displays your connectivity status. The agent leg status is not the same as the availability Status. There are three status types:

Icon Description
Agent Leg Not Connected Agent leg is not connected
Agent Leg Dialing Agent leg is attempting to connect
Agent Leg Connected Agent leg is connected
Availability Status (3) Shows your current stateThe availability status of an agent. in the contact center. It provides a way for you to change the status. The time in state (shown below the Availability Status bar) restarts when the status changes.
Phone (4) Initiates an outbound call using the keypad. Your availability status does not need to be set to Available to make an outbound call. You can click the numbers or use the keyboard to enter a number to dial.
Agents (5) Displays a list of other agents and their availability state. You can filter the list or search for a specific agent. Selecting an agent in the list initiates an outbound call to that agent.
Skill List (6) Displays a list of all skillsClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge (except skills restricted by your security profile), the number of contacts in queue for the skill, and the longest wait time in each queue. You can filter the list or search for a specific skill. Selecting a skill in the list initiates handling a contact in that skill.
Address Books (7) Displays your address books. All address books assigned to you are accessible here. You can search for an address book or use the drop-down to select one from a list. Selecting a contact in an address book displays that contact's details. You can click the mobile, email, or phone icon in the details to initiate a connection to that contact based on the icon you click.
Contact History (8) Displays your contact history. You can filter the list or search for a specific contact. You can select a contact to display a skill selection list, and then select a skill to initiate an outbound call to the phone number in the contact history.
Information (9) Displays basic information about you, including the currently installed version of Agent for Salesforce and a list of skills assigned to your user account.
Email (10)

Initiates the email feature. The email interface pops out into a separate screen. Your availability status does not need to be set to Available to create an email.

Commitment Manager (11)

Displays a list of pending commitments and the option to create a new commitment. Select Me to view your own commitments or Skill to view commitments assigned to a skill queue.

Agent Reports (12) Displays the Agent Reports dashboard, which allows you to view your performance and productivity.
Schedule (13)

If WFM is enabled, displays your WFM schedule, and a list of commitments assigned to you. Click the Open WFO link in bottom right-hand corner to pop out a window that displays additional information.

Agent Messages (14) Displays agent messages.
Help (15) Redirects you to the NICE inContact online help site.
Options (16) Allows you to change personal information, submit feedback about NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce, and download the Agent for Salesforce log.
Queue (17)

The number of contacts in the queue of the skills assigned to you. It includes each of the following queues:

Icon Description
Phone Queue Displays the number of contacts in all assigned phone skill queues.
Work Item Queue Displays the number of contacts in all assigned work item skill queues.
Chat Queue Displays the number of contacts in all assigned chat skill queues.
Personal Queue Displays the number of contacts in your personal queue.
Email Queue Displays the number of contacts in all assigned email skill queues.