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After your business unitHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your NICE inContact environment has been updated, MAX users must clear their browser cache and cookies before using MAX for the first time. Otherwise, MAX may not function correctly. If you are unsure how to do this, perform an Internet search for keyword clear cache <browser name> (for example, clear cache Internet Explorer).

Fall 2018


Login Page Includes Marketing Information

The default login page at and displays a NICE inContact marketing area. This does not affect branding profiles or partner login pages.

FedRAMP Restrictions Are Removed

The FedRAMP feature for a business unit no longer restricts other features. When you select the FedRAMP option, business unit features are no longer automatically enabled or disabled.

Chat Channel

Automated System Warning/Disconnect Messaging to Contact

Enabling the new system messaging option sends a warning message to the contact after a configurable period of inactivity, prompting the contact to respond. If the contact doesn't respond within the configured period, the chat terminates and the system sends a configurable disconnection message.

Interaction Analytics

Topic Refinement Enhancement

Users can now further refine their topics by including metadata criteria such as team names and IDs, agent names and IDs, skill IDs, hold times, call durations, and any other available contact metadata.

Topic Creation and Category Rules Enhancement

Users can now create topics and category rules using keywords, phrases, entities, sentiment (ending, entity or overall), and metadata. Users can specify that a category matches only if a certain word or phrase occurs and a specified metric appears.

Extended Analysis

This add on is available for purchase and enables you to analyze, update, categorize, and mine your contact data in Interaction Analytics Pro for configurable time periods beyond the default of 90 days.


Wallboard — Current Agent State Counter

An agent state counter module is available for wallboards. The module shows agents in the following states: available, inbound, outbound, and unavailable. While creating your wallboard, you can determine the group of agents for which you want to display information.

Subscription — Unsubscribe Option on Email

You can unsubscribe from emailed reports by clicking an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Coaching Templates

You can save a coaching session as a template for future use and assign the template directly to an agent as a coaching session. A template can contain information such as pre-built tasks, notes, and KPI's.

Marketplace Enhancements

Marketplace products display the following information:

  • User team/location attached to an order
  • Quantity Sold number in the inventory
  • Shipped order status option
Redirect to NICE inContact Help Site

The Documentation link in the menu (SupportDocumentation) links to the NICE inContact online help site.


Integrated Softphone Using New WebRTC Solution

The MAX integrated softphone has been updated to support a new WebRTC solution. The routing changes to utilize the new WebRTC solution will occur one cluster at a time, so MAX will continue to use the legacy WebRTC solution until the update is deployed to your cluster. You will receive advanced notice about when your cluster will receive the update.

Productivity Report Includes State Details

The Productivity Report displays the time and percentage of total time the agent spent in sub-states of the Working and Unavailable states in addition to the total time the spent in a general Available, Working, and Unavailable state.

Custom Workspaces

You can configure three URLs to appear as custom workspaces in MAX for all agents. A section near the bottom of the MAX main page displays links that open the custom workspaces. The custom workspaces load and open when the agent logs in to MAX. When an agent handles a phone call, the custom workspace in focus is displayed below a special phone bar with the call control across the top. When an agent handles other contacts, the agent can choose to either focus on the contact or one of the custom workspaces.

Unavailable States Sorted Alphabetically

The unavailable states in the agent state drop-down are sorted alphabetically.

Quick Replies Sorted Alphabetically

Quick replies for chat and email are sorted alphabetically by title.

Nuance Recognizer 10.5 Asr engine

IVR ASR Speech Engine Update

We upgraded our Nuance Speech Recognizer Engine to version 10.5. This upgrade increases accuracy rates by up to 30% and provides Nuance 10.5 support. Users have a minimum of six months to update their ASR scripts in Studio to be compatible with Nuance 10.5. For information on how to implement the update, ask your account manager or click here for documentation.

Personal Connection

Execute Script With Agent Restored

This feature provides you with the ability to define by each answering machine attempt whether the agent is involved with the handling of the answering machine while executing the studio script OnMachine branch (if defined).

QM Enterprise

CTI "DoNotRecord" Field

To assist with GDPR compliance, a new CTI field, "DoNotRecord," is available for use with the QM Enterprise privacy control recording rules.

PCI Compliance

TLS 1.2 is now supported which allows QM Enterprise to be PCI compliant.

Storage Services

Ability to Use Custom Storage

Customers can optionally configure and use their own storage on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for files such as call recording and call logs. Previously, customers did not have this option and could only use the default locations for NICE inContact Cloud Storage Services. This feature must be enabled in the customer's business unit.

Support for Same-Day Actions

For rules affecting both the active and long-term storage types, 0 is an acceptable value in the After (# of Days) field. For example, users can create a rule to archive recordings immediately by entering 0 in this field. Previously, users had to specify a non-zero value in the After (# of Days) field, meaning that every rule had a delay in execution of at least one day.


Data Restrictions

Existing restrictions expand to limit all data displayed in the application depending on user access and visibility settings. For example, the Team A Supervisor can only see information for Team A, such as skills to which the such as skills to which the Supervisor has access, filters, and so forth.

WFM Enterprise

Smart Sync Data Support in Multi-Tenant Environments

Customers can now export data via Smart Sync for most reports in a multi-tenant environment.

NICE inContact CXone Inbound SMS New Features and Enhancements

NICE inContact CXone Inbound SMS is available for MAX, Thin Agent, and Power Agent.

NICE inContact CXone Inbound SMS

Inbound SMS User Interface Changes

The appearance of the NICE inContact CXone Inbound SMS user interface has been updated. The functionality of the feature remains the same.

inContact Agent for Salesforce New Features and Enhancements

Click Agent for Salesforce Version Log for a log of previous versions.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce 9.1

Omni-Channel Status Mapping Enhancement

Administrators can now map Agent for Salesforce statuses on a 1 to 1 basis with Salesforce Omni-Channel widget statuses.  Status synching can be controlled by selecting which system is the master.

NICE inContact Agent for Salesforce 10.0

Single Sign On with Salesforce as Identity Provider

Agents are able to use Salesforce as their identity provider to automatically authenticate them to the NICE inContact platform. Agents using single sign on no longer have to log in to Central to change their password.

Single Sign On with Third Party as Identity Provider

Agents are able to use a Third Party as their identity provider to automatically authenticate them to the NICE inContact platform. Agents using single sign on no longer have to log in to Central to change their password.

FedRAMP Compliance

Agent for Salesforce is FedRAMP compliant.

Results Tab Defaults to Open

When an agent receives a contact, the Results tab default is open. This saves the agent an additional click when handling a contact.