Create Personal Connection Email Skill Page

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Skill Information

Media Type
Specifies the medium, or channel, by which agents with this skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge interact with contacts. The options are Chat, Email, Phone Call, Voice Mail, and Work Item. If you are creating a skill for Personal Connection proactive agentless SMS (short message service, otherwise known as text messaging), use the Phone Call value.
Skill Name
Allows you to give the skill a unique, descriptive name.
Specifies whether the skill enables the agent to accept inbound or initiate outbound interactions with contacts.
Outbound Strategy
Specifies how an outbound interaction is initiated. You must choose one of the following:
  • Manual — Enables agents to manually dial numbers of customers or use the address book to contact other agents or skills.
  • Personal Connection — Specifies that outbound interactions will use Personal Connection (see Dialer (Personal Connection) Overview). When you select Personal Connection with a Media Type of Email, the Agentless field is automatically selected and you cannot modify it. Personal Connection email is always agentless.

Specifies that the system should automatically dial phone numbers of contacts from a calling list and either play a pre-recorded message or initiate an IVRInteractive Voice Response; an automated phone menu that allows callers to interact through voice commands, key inputs, or both, to obtain information, route an inbound voice call, or both. menu for the contact. When you select this option, you must type the number of portsWhere information transfers, over a network, between a computer and a server. to use for agentlessContacts made without a live agent for tasks such as one-way delivery of information or messages.. dialing. The number must be below the maximum ports you have configured for your business unitFile format associated with Microsoft Excel; may also be expressed as .xlsx. This value determines the maximum number of ports this skill is allowed to use to complete the delivery of the desired message.

If you are creating a Personal Connection SMS skill, Agentless indicates that the sole purpose of the skill is to send a text message to each record. If you do not select Agentless in an SMS skill, you can still set up SMS in the cadence of the skill to include SMS along with Personal Connection phone calls to the records configured with both voice and SMS destinations. PC sends these text messages without involving an agent but it requires that an agent be logged in for the message to be sent.

Specifies the campaignA grouping of skills used to run reports. to which you want to assign the skill.
Message Template
Specifies the message template you want to use to send text messages in this skill.
Workforce Intelligence Minimum Available Agents
Specifies the minimum number of available agents that must be maintained for this skill. This setting prevents automatic actions associated with Workforce Intelligence rules from removing too many agents from the skill. When the number of available agents reaches this number or lower, all skill removal actions, even automatic ones, require approval.

If you are creating an agentless Personal Connection skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge, all options in this section are disabled.