Enable Chat Timeout and Termination Message

Required security profile permissionsSkills Create

When enabled, the automated warning and disconnect messages are displayed when the contact is inactive for the configured amount of time. If the set amount of time passes, the configured timeout message is displayed. If the contact continues to remain inactive for the additional set amount of time, the chat displays a configured termination message and the chat disconnects. This topic explains how to enable the automated warning and disconnect message for an existing chat skill. You can also configure this setting when you initially Set Up Chat.

  1. Click a skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge to edit it.

  2. Navigate to the Automated Chat Messaging Timeout section.

  3. Select the Enable Chat Messaging Timeout checkbox.

  4. Complete the Time to Inactive Chat Message and Inactive Chat Message fields.

  5. Complete the Chat Termination Count Down and Chat Terminated Message fields.

  6. Click Done.