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Indicates features that were developed by customer request.
Indicates major user interface (UI) changes.

Product Naming Changes

Several products in the CXone suite have recently changed names. These changes will be reflected in our applications and our online help in the Fall 2020 release. Until then, you can find help for these products under their previous names.

New Name

Previous Name

CXone Workforce Engagement (WEM) CXone Workforce Optimization (WFO)

CXone Workforce Management

CXone Workforce Management Pro

CXone Quality Management CXone Quality Management Pro
CXone QM Analytics CXone QM Analytics Pro
CXone Recording CXone CXone Recording Pro
CXone Interaction Analytics CXone Interaction Analytics Pro
IEX WFM Integrated CXone WFM Enterprise
Engage QM Integrated CXone QM Enterprise
Engage Integrated Recording CXone Recording Enterprise
NICE Nexidia Analytics CXone Interaction Analytics Enterprise

CXone Performance Management

inView Performance Management for CXone

Summer 2020: Global Changes

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Over APIs Fails For added security, any MFA-enabled users attempting to authenticate over APIs will now fail to log in. This is because MFA is not currently supported in the CXone APIs and the previous behavior was to log the user in without a token.

Unification of OpenID Connect and SAML2 User Settings

The Federated Identity field in a user profile is editable. It appears for both OpenID Connect and SAML2 SSO users. If you have both OpenID Connect and SAML2 enabled for your business unit, you can select which SSO method should be applied to the user in a new External Identity Type field. The user's My Account page SSO information has been replaced with a Federation Information section that contains the user's SSO ID. You can now configure OpenID Connect for the user rather than users having to configure it for their own profiles.

Consolidation of OpenID Connect Redirect URLs There is only one redirect URL for OpenID Connect SSO environments: https://(custom).incontact.com/inContact/LoginByCode.aspx. This means that the URL https://home-(cluster).incontact.com/inContact/LoginByCode.aspx is no longer used.
API Proxy Your system can now supersede the limit of external RESTful API requests to better handle periods of high traffic. Through a new Studio action that specifically processes RESTful APIs, you can configure requests to execute through the new action instead of inside a snippet. This will allow your system to process more than the standard snippet limit of 30 concurrent API calls.
API Façade You can take advantage of the API Façade, which unifies most API requests to a single end point per geographic area. Key benefits include a unified URL for requests, protections to auto-rate limit requests, and increased security. Contact your NICE inContact account manager for more information.

Summer 2020: Release Adjustments

These features are adjustments to those previously announced. Each item includes a description of the feature as it appeared on the Coming Soon page.

Changed Features

Channels Increased Number of Work Items Supported in Queue: The persistent work item queue supports up to 100,000 work items in single-channel handling environments and 5,000 work items in Omnichannel Session Handling environments. Originally, support for up to 5,000 work items was announced.


In the Script API Enhancements feature, the DELETE API will be inactive until a future release.

Features to be Released at a Later Date

Performance Management

Forms Submitted Module: A new module will display a list of coaching forms that have been submitted, along with their associated metrics. Organizations must have coaching enabled to use this module.

Roles Page Redesign: The Roles page will be redesigned to simplify the process of managing roles and permissions.

Reporting New Business Intelligence Reporting platform: CXone Reporting will be implementing a new BI (Business Intelligence) reporting platform, which will provide users with advanced data-analysis capabilities. The new reporting platform will allow users to view and analyze information from their organization, and receive actionable insights across teams and channels.
QM New Evaluation Report: Managers will be able to gain interactive evaluation insights across all channels in the organization using the new Evaluation Report.
WFM New Adherence Report: Managers will be able to focus quickly on potential or existing adherence issues for agents or activities using the new Adherence Report.
Admin Consistent Experience in Employee Imports: With this release, the Import Employees option on the Employees page will reuse the the Bulk Upload UI and CSV template to offer a consistent experience.
Cloud Storage Services

Enhanced UI for Managing Rules

Lifecycle Management Rules Increased

Single Screen for SEA, Custom KMS, and Custom Storage Configuration

Partner Applications Directory Sync: Directory Sync is a new app that will allow agents using MAX to consult their Microsoft Teams contacts through phone or email in a single click.
Partner Applications Presence Sync: New Location: With this release, licensed users will access Presence Sync by clicking the Adapters icon in the app launcher in CXone.

Absolute Path Reference for Actions: Historically, an action could only reference other actions if the other action was in a script that was saved in the same parent folder. For example, actions like Runsub and Runscript could not reference an “uncle” or “aunt” folder, only parent folders. Now, actions can reference the exact path of another script, providing the ability to reference “uncle/aunt” folders. This enables organizations to create more logical and organized folder structures for scripts.

Features Added to this Release

To see these features in detail, select the product in the filter on the New Applications and Features page.

Interaction Analytics

Gender Widget Removed


Contact Settings Tab Removed from Employee Profile

Performance Management

Updated User Profile Drop-Down