My Data Page

Required security profile permissions: NICE inContact Interaction Analytics View

The My Data link opens a table of all configured datasetsClosedA set of voice, email, or chat transcriptions from your contact center that spans a specific period of time and matches your specified filter criteria. in the business unitClosedHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your NICE inContact environment. The table includes the name of the dataset, the number of contacts, and the percentage of contacts with positive and negative sentiment. From this page, you can create new datasets or open existing datasets to view the workspacesClosedThe named view of one or more analysis widgets. or edit the datasets.

Table Columns

You can sort the table by any column in ascending or descending order. Click the column title at the top of the table to sort by that column. Click it again to switch from ascending to descending or from descending to ascending order.

Last Updated
The date the dataset was last updated.
Time Range
The time range the dataset is sampling from.
The channels the included in the dataset.
Category Set
The category set the dataset belongs to.


Analyze New Data
Only available for editors and admins. Opens the Analyze New Data creation page. See Create/Edit a Dataset for more information.
More Options
Enables you to delete the dataset.