When you create a new datasetClosedA set of voice, email, or chat transcriptions from your contact center that spans a specific period of time and matches your specified filter criteria., you have the option to select a category setClosedThe structure of the transcript data your topic gleans, organized to aid in using the data for a specific purpose. Out-of-the-box category sets include Intent to Buy and Risk Aversion. to apply to the dataset to help target a certain type of data to appear in the workspaceClosedThe named view of one or more analysis widgets.. If you select a category set, you can open the category editor and modify the category configuration for that dataset. You can merge, split, delete, and add new categoriesClosedThematic buckets into which the NICE inContact Interaction Analytics Pro engine places parsed call transcript data to make it easier to find trends. . You can also modify the category rules that dictate which interactions fall into the category.

Key Facts About Category Templates