NICE inContact Agent for ServiceNow — Administrators

This overview is for administrators. If you are not an administrator, see ServiceNow for agents.

NICE inContact Agent for ServiceNow is an integration of the CXone agent application with the ServiceNow platform. The integration allows your agents to handle contacts in tandem with ServiceNow; for example, agents experience a seamless connection of contact data between ServiceNow and the agent interface. A few key features of the agent integration are:

Aside from your ACD setup, which is configured and managed in the CXoneplatform, administrators manage the agent integration through the administrative portal called the CXone Console. The NICE inContact onboarding process includes establishing an initial administrative account with the appropriate API permissions with access to the Console (contact your service representative for more information). This administrator can continue managing users and other aspects of the agent integration, such as establishing other administrators, creating new users, managing features, and so forth. The CXone Console can be reached through a web browser at

The CXone Console is organized into 6 different tabs; likewise, the tasks that you are able to perform in the Console are organized like these tabs in 6 different sections.

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