Manage User Attributes

User attributes are any quality, characteristic, skill, or designation that you can apply to a user, such as personality type or remote employee status. These attributes allow you to group or filter users for reporting and analysis purposes in dashboard modules. For example, in the Olympus Ltd. contact center, Zeus could create attributes to keep track of his agents that are demigods and agents that are mortal heroes. He could filter reporting data to compare these two groups, then base specific rules and objectives for one group based on their strengths. Zeus could also create a location attribute for his mortal agents to compare performance between Athenian and Spartan agents.

You can create and manually assign attributes to users, or you can set the attribute to be visible in the profile page, allowing users to set their own attributes (such as hobbies). If you have attributes that indicate sensitive or private information, you can make the attribute only visible to roles with the Attribute Security permission.

Additionally, you can apply attributes to products in the Marketplace to control availability of the products to users that are assigned with the specified attribute. See the Add Products page for more information.

Create Attributes

  1. Click User SettingsUser Attributes in the side-menu.
  2. Click New Attribute.
  3. Complete the Settings tab of the new attribute form. Reference the drop-down above for field explanations.
  4. Assign users to the attribute:
    1. Click the Users tab at the top of the form.
    2. If you have multiple attributes created for this attribute category, select an attribute in the Attributes box.
    3. Click Add Users to open the Add Users window.
    4. Select any users and click Add Users.
    5. Repeat for other attributes in the Attributes box.
  5. Return to the Settings tab and click Save at the bottom.

Filter Data by User Attribute

When configuring module settings, some modules have a third filter section. Click the third filter icon to enable this type of data to be displayed, then click the Attributes icon (indicated by a pair of tags) to drop-down a list of data and user attributes. Select the attributes that you want to apply to the module data. Click outside of the drop-down list to close it and finish configuring the module settings.

You can also add attributes as a column of the Summary module. When selecting metrics, you can select an attribute to add it as a column in the module to indicate if a user is assigned the specified attribute.