Command Center

The Command Center provides you overview information for all the gamification features running in your system, and allows you to manage games, challenges, awards, and so forth. The following sections provide a brief explanation of each tab within the Command Center. You can control what features for which you want to display information by clicking the Settings button in the top-right corner of the Overview tab.


Provides "big picture" information for all the gamification features running within your system. The first section on this tab is the Today's Glimpse section, which is a snapshot of the performance and activity for the day. You can also use the filter to display statistics by team or even individual agents. The filter does not affect the Today's Glimpse statistics, only statistics under the Overview section. You can interact with this overview information similar to a dashboard and dashboard modules — you can click within charts to access more granular detail or enable/disable certain statistics from displaying. For example, you can click within the Marketplace at a Glance "module" to view details around different orders or find out which items in the Marketplace are low in stock (if you have 3 items or less in the Marketplace, the item will appear as Low in Stock).


Provides an access point for creating games and viewing the results of games (Command CenterGamesView History). On the results page, you can select a game from the drop-down, select a date range, and view the rewards of each participant in the game during the specified date range. This history page also contains a filtering system to populate the results list by type of reward, player name, and so forth.


Displays challenges that are currently running in your system. You can click the View History button to view completed challenges, how many coins were paid out, and so forth.

You can also click the Settings button to configure the parameters by which agents can challenge each other. Unlike games or rules, challenges are created by agents instead of supervisors, which contributes to a more engaged and motivated work environment. Supervisors must only configure the initial parameters, then agents can create and join challenges directly from their Challenges module. The initial parameters are the metrics with which agents can compete and the level within which agents can challenge (either agents challenging each other within a single team, or the ability to challenge across your organization). For example, based on the basic parameters, agents within a sales development team could challenge each other based on an OB Handled metric.


Allows you to create and give awards directly to agents. Awards can be given out at any time, and are also connected to rewards paid out for performance in a game. See the Manage Awards page for more information.


Contains an overview of coins transactions. These "modules" display how each user has earned/spent their coins. You can export the data from these modules as a spreadsheet by clicking the export icon in the top-right corner. You can also filter the data shown through the filter at the top of the page.


Contains an overview of currency transactions. Currency are rewards given out through the rules engine. You can pay out or decline pending currency rewards directly in the Pending "module". You can also export historical data for paid-out currency rewards from the History "module".