Tasks Module

Allows supervisors and agents to access tasks that have been created and assigned to them. Any user can create tasks for themselves, but only supervisors can create tasks for other users. When creating a task for other users, supervisors can enable a setting that allows users to sign off the task on their own; if this setting is not selected, only the supervisor can sign off and complete the task. Users can sign off on tasks by clicking the checkbox beside the task name. The tasks that you are assigned appear in the To Do list. If you have the permissions to assign tasks to other users, the tasks that you have assigned to others are listed under the Sent list. You can also hover over a task in this list to edit or delete tasks that you assigned to others.

These tasks are specific to inView and are not synchronized with the CXone platform

Create inView Tasks

  1. Within the Tasks module, click New.
  2. If you have the permissions to assign tasks to others, select 1 or more user from the drop-down or select the My Task radio button to assign the task to yourself.
  3. Name the task.
  4. Set a Start and End date for the task. You can also set a specific time that the task is due.
  5. If you are creating a task for another user, you have the option to allow the user to sign off on the task. If you do not select this option, you must sign off and complete the task for the user.
  6. Click Create.