Enable Detailed Logging

DB Connector can be configured to maintain its own history and error logging. When you are testing and troubleshooting, you may want to enable detailed logging. When this is enabled, all queries are captured in plain text and stored on the DB Connector server.

The NICE inContact platform does not store information retrieved from a private database by DB Connector. However, the information may appear in log files and similar places specific to how the information is used. You should take this into consideration if you plan to use DB Connector to retrieve protected private information (for example, payment data or information subject to HIPAA).

  1. In the Admin application, click ACD ConfigurationDB Connectors.
  2. Click the connector for which you want to enable logging and then click the Logging tab.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the Log all activity checkbox.
  5. Select the Include more detail checkbox.
  6. Click Done.