Skill Proficiencies Summary Report

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Report source: DW

Report refresh rate: 5 minutes

The Skill Proficiencies Summary report lists the skillsClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge and the total number of agents per proficiency level.

In the example from the image above, the Skill Name (ID) column shows the entire list of skills created for the business unitFile format associated with Microsoft Excel; may also be expressed as .xlsx. Each skill is assigned a row in the column. The other columns show proficiency levels ranging from highest to lowest. For example, if one agent has a 'Medium' proficiency in the AB Chat Test skill, you will see '1' in the AB Chat Test Row and the Medium column. This report collects its information from the agent skill proficiencies collected and entered by the NICE inContact administrator for the business unit.

For a supervisor to effectively manage a team and contact center, the agents' skills and proficiency levels must be known or quickly accessible. The supervisor can run this report and see the number of agents with a certain skill and level. For example, if all agents have a medium level proficiency for a certain skill, then the supervisor may look for ways to train a number of agents to improve their proficiency to a higher level.