Contact End Reasons Report

Required security profile permissions: Contact History Agent View or Supervisor View

The following table provides descriptions for Contact End Reasons, which can be included in custom reporting or viewed by clicking a Contact ID on the Contact History report to load Contact Details.

Contact End Reasons Description
Agent Hung Up/Agent Phone Disconnected The agent hung up
Call Blind Transferred The call was blind transferred by script
Contact Hung Up/Phone Hung Up The caller hung up
End Chat - Agent The agent ended the chat session
End Chat - Patron The patron ended the chat session
End Chat - System (timeout) The system ended the chat session
Outbound Call Busy The resulting line was busy
Outbound Call Error This is a generic error for outbound error
Outbound Call Hung Up During AMD The user hung up during the Answering Machine Detection
Outbound Call Invalid Number The number dialed was invalid
Outbound Call Network busy The number was dialed and was busy
Outbound Call No Answer Time Out The system hit the pre-configured timeout for ringing
Outbound Call No Media Server Capacity This code is rare. It means the platform has no more capacity and calls can’t be placed
Outbound Call Number Changed The number dialed has been changed
Outbound Call Number Disconnected The number called is disconnected
Outbound Call Peer Hang Up The connecting legAn active piece of a call that connects between routers, gateways, or telephony devices. was disconnected
Outbound Call Pre-link Error There was an error in the call before it was linked up
Outbound Call Script was Interrupted The script started an outbound call but was interrupted
System Issued Hang Up A hang up was issued by a script
WI Ended Externally The Work ItemCustomizable method of delivering contacts to an agent via Studio scripts. ended outside of the system
WI Ended Internally Work ItemCustomizable method of delivering contacts to an agent via Studio scripts. ended internally