Agent Unavailable Time Report

Required security profile permissions: Agent Unavailable Time Report View

Report source: DW

Report refresh rate: 11 seconds

The Agent Unavailable Time Report shows the amount of time each agent spent in a certain code.

Each of these codes fits into a Code Type such as Unavailable, System, or ACW (after call work)After Call (or Contact) Work; state that allows an agent to complete work requirements after finishing an interaction.. System code types are hard-coded by the platform and cannot be changed. Any other code types are customer-configurable. For example, you could create "Break" as a code and assign the code type to Unavailable. By default, the system considers refused time to be Unavailable.

To change the data displayed in the report, click the arrow to the right of the date drop-down box, select a different date, and then click Run Report. The data in the report will automatically refresh.

In the example in the image above, the first agent (name has been removed) was unavailable because she was at lunch for 51 minutes. If, for example, the company provided a half hour for a lunch break, then the supervisor would know and take action, as needed.

The value of this report is that a supervisor or administrator should be able to see all contact center agent activity at a moment's notice. In a contact center environment, time not spent with contacts is lost potential, and in some cases, lost profit. Seeing that agents are spending more time than necessary in an unavailable stateThe availability status of an agent. may require behavioral adjustments within the contact center.


Column Description
Agent Name (ID) The Agent ID number assigned by the platform. This is a unique value identifying the agent.
Code StateThe availability status of an agent. of the agent
Code Type General grouping type for associated unavailable states.
Duration The amount of time that the agent has been in a state. Displays minutes and seconds in HH:MM:SS.
Percent The percent (based on time) an agent was in a state.