Active Contacts Report

Required security profile permissions: Active Contacts View

Report source: DW

Report refresh rate: 10 seconds

The Active Contacts report shows all pre-queue, in-queue, and active contacts that are currently connected to the platform. You can view contact details, listen to live call, record a live call, and end a call directly from the Active Contacts Report. With this information, you will quickly be able to evaluate your contact center's current performance.


Column Description
Contact ID The Contact IDA unique numerical identifier assigned to each contact. (a unique identifier) is a hyperlink that will open the Contact Detail Report.
Media Media typeA medium, such as voice, email, and chat, through which a contact connects with an intended recipient. used by the contact (phone, email, chat, voicemail, etc.)
DNIS/To The DNISDialed Number Identification Service; identifies the number the contact dialed to reach you for inbound voice calls and the number the agent or system dialed on outbound voice calls. (or Point of Contact phone number the customer calls) or To email address the customer contacted
ANI/From The ANIAutomatic Number Identification; also known as caller ID. Listed phone number of an incoming voice call. or From email address that the customer used.
POC Point of Contact. The DNIS - or Point of Contact phone number the customer calls - or "To" email address the customer contacted.
Skill The skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge associated with the contact in the current state.
Type The direction of the contact: inbound or outbound.
State The current state or status of the contact. States include (but are not limited to) PreQueue, Routing, InQueue, Hold, Active, Transfer, PostAgent and PostQueue.
Agent The Agent ID of the agent that is handling the contact.
Duration (min) The length of time (in minutes) that the contact has been active.
Start Time The date and time the contact was initiated.
Terminate Contact Click the Terminate button to remove the contact from the active contacts list. This option should only be used when other methods for accepting or clearing the contact do not work. Typically this action is used for stuck calls where the contact has already disconnected.