Port, Domain, and IP Address Requirements

This page provides details for all applications that require specific ports and IP addresses. Specific ports must be opened on client workstations and firewalls in order for your contact center to work properly. The required ports, protocols, domain names, and IP addresses vary depending on your configuration and the geographic location of your business unit (BU).

How to Determine Requirements for Your Contact Center

The selection list on the right side of this page will give you the details for setting up your contact center. If you don't know the cluster or phone number you use, talk to your account manager.

  1. Ports and Protocols: Select the applications that your contact center uses.
    • Example: Admin, Email, MAX, Studio
  2. Domain Names and IP Addresses: Select the cluster where your BU is housed.
    • Example: C6
  3. IP Voice: Select the phone number option matching your IP voice infrastructure.
    • Example: 700-212-0

After making your selections, the page displays only the information that applies to your CXone implementation. You may need to scroll down to view all requirements.

For clarity in discussing ports, outbound is defined as from the customer initiation point to CXone. Inbound is defined as the CXone initiation point to the customer site.

Ports and Protocols by Product

View information regarding your selected content here.

Domain Names and IP Address Blocks by Cluster

Fully Qualified Domain Names

Some fully qualified domain names (FQDN) listed here are based on a template using some variables. If you are unsure how these variables apply to your business unit, contact your account manager.

The following variables are used:

  • {custom} corresponds to a custom hostname requested by a customer. The custom variable can be assigned through several different CXone product features.
  • {num} corresponds to a QM Enterprise host assignment.

NICE inContact uses platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud services for AWS clusters. Because of this, the IP address list that we specify is not comprehensive and only shows addresses with fixed assignments. We recommend that you configure your firewall rules for filtering using hostnames in order not to block valid traffic.

North America

Europe (EU)

North America AWS

North America FedRAMP

Europe (EU) AWS

Australia AWS

Voice Infrastructure by Phone Number

These phone numbers correspond to data centers maintained either by NICE inContact or partners like AWS. These data centers exist globally and typically are paired to support failover. Customers must allow communication with the appropriate ranges, or risk a network outage during fail-over events.

Ports and Protocols by Application
Domain Names and IP Addresses by Cluster
IP Voice by Phone Number