Auto Attendant

NICE inContact's Auto Attendant is a virtual attendant, providing a simple method of managing voicemail and allowing callers to be automatically transferred to a phone extension without the intervention of an operator. Features include a corporate directory, the ability to customize a voicemail greeting, forward calls to another extension, control out of office options, and manage voicemail preferences. Auto Attendant correlates with your ACD setup but allows you to create users who do not have a CXone account and still need voicemail functionality.

Nice offers two versions of Auto Attendant: Auto Attendant Lite and Auto Attendant. Key features of either version are:

Auto Attendant Lite:

  • Provides corporate directory management
  • Provides self-service call management
  • Transfers calls without live intervention
  • Dial by name, dial by extension, DNIS, or corporate directory
  • Bulk upload creation of users

Auto Attendant:

  • All Auto Attendant Lite functionality, plus voicemail
  • Voicemail management
  • Multiple methods for accessing voicemail
  • Automatic extension dialing
  • Out-of-office/unavailable call routing