Upload a New Do Not Call List

Required security profile permissions: Do Not Call List Edit

If you choose not to manage your do not call (DNC) list automatically through dispositionsResult that the agent or system assigns to the contact when the interaction ends., you can upload a DNC list instead. These file formats are accepted: CSV, tab-delimited TXT, XLS, or XLSX.

  1. If you have not already done so, create a DNC list.
  2. In the ACD application, click ListsDNC.

  3. Locate the group to which you want to apply the DNC list and click to open it. You can also create a new group.

  4. Click Select File.

  5. If you want to, select the Consolidate Groups checkbox if you want the records in your DNC list to exist only in this group.

  6. Select the Upload New radio button if you want to select a new list from your computer. Select Select Existing if you want to use a list you already uploaded.

  7. If you selected Upload New, click Choose File and locate the file on your computer. Select it and click Open. Click Next.

    If you selected Select Existing, click Browse and locate the file on the list. Select it and click OK. Click Next.

  8. If you uploaded a DNC list with a heading row, select the Header checkbox. CXone automatically matches the column headers you created to the fields. Verify that the Phone Number and, if your calling list has an expiration date column, Expire Date fields, are correctly mapped to your DNC list.

  9. Click Next.

  10. The List Processing page appears and displays the status of your upload. When the process completes, click Done.