Set Up Call Suppression

Required security profile permissions: Call Suppression Create, Skills Edit, and Central Files and Folders View

Setting up call suppression requires you to have an existing calling list, create a call suppression record, create a call suppression script, and connect the script to your desired outbound skill (if these items already exist, you will edit the existing items instead of creating them new). You may need access to the existing calling list to ensure that you use the correct information, such as column names or proper spelling of list entries.

Holmes Enterprises created an Intriguing Mysteries campaign. Customers interested in the intriguing mysteries that Sherlock Holmes had recently solved would be contacted with the fun facts about the mysteries. The calling list used for the campaign contained a column entitled Intriguing Mysteries. If the value of this column was True, the customer would like to receive information. If the value of the column was False, the customer would not like to receive information. After the campaign started, the Intriguing Mysteries manager realized that a mistake was made in the selection criteria of which customer records to contact. Since the campaign had already started, he did not want to restart the campaign. Therefore, he quickly created a call suppression record to suppress entries of the list with the Intriguing Mysteries value set to False. The record included an expiration date for the next day, allowing time to build a new list overnight.

Create a Call Suppression Record

The following describes how to create a single call suppression record. If you want to create multiple suppressed call records, see Create/Edit Multiple Suppressed Call Records.

The value entered in the call suppression record determines the criteria for which entries of the calling list will be suppressed. For example, you could prevent all entries with a specific zip code from being contacted by entering a specific zip code. If you wanted to suppress multiple zip codes, you would need to create multiple suppression records for the different zip codes. In addition to determining which calls will be suppressed, the record also determines the duration for which calls to these calling list entries will be suppressed.

  1. If you do not have an existing calling list
  2. In the ACD application, click ListsCall Suppression.

  3. Open the call suppression wizard.

    • If you are creating a new call suppression record, click Create NewSingle Record.

    • If you are modifying an existing call suppression record, locate the record you want to edit and click to open it.

  4. On the Call Suppression Information page, enter the Value that the record you want to suppress contains in the column in the calling list that you selected for your call suppression script — for example, if you wanted to suppress a specific zip code, you would enter the specific zip code in this field.

  5. Specify the range of time that you want calls to be suppressed in the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time fields.

  6. Click Next.

  7. If you want to suppress calls from all skills in the business unitHigh-level organizational grouping used to manage technical support, billing, and global settings for your NICE inContact environment, do not add any skills to the Assigned Skills section. If you want only certain outbound skills to suppress calls to the chosen records, add those skills to the Assigned Skills table.
    1. If you want all currently existing skills to suppress calls or messages to the selected records, click Add All. If someone adds new outbound skills after you create the new call suppressionTemporarily skips a contact when using the outbound dialer. records, they will not suppress calls to these records.

    2. If you want only certain skills to suppress calls or messages to the chosen records, use the navigation links or search feature on top of the Add Skills table to locate those skills. Select the checkbox to the left of the skills you want to add and click Add Skills.

    3. If you change your mind and want to remove all skills from the Assigned Skills table, click Remove All.

    4. To remove individual skills from the table, use the navigation links or search feature on top of the Assigned Skills table to locate those skills. Select the checkbox to the left of the skills you want to remove and click Remove Skills.

  8. Click Create.

Create a Call Suppression Script

A call suppression script tells the CXone system to check a specific column in the calling list. After CXone checks the column and verifies if the entry should be suppressed or not (which is determined by the value entered in the call suppression record), the system continues to either contact or suppress the entry – all of which happens in a quick moment. For example, if you wanted to suppress calls from a specific zip code, you would enter the specific zip code in the call suppression record, and you would tell the script to check the zip code column in the calling list before connecting the call. You can create the script either in Studio or directly in the outbound skill on the CXone platform. The technicalities between these 2 methods are explained below:

  • CXone Wizard — this method is more user-friendly by providing the ability to manage call suppression directly within CXone and avoiding the need to open Studio. The wizard, which exists within the Call Suppression tab of an outbound skill, creates the default call suppression template. When creating a script from a Personal Connection skill, the wizard creates the same default script that the Studio template provides. When creating a script for the manual outbound dialer, the wizard creates a more basic script that is pre-configured to suppress based on the number(s) added to the suppression record.
  • Studio — the call suppression script is a specialized type of Phone script that you must select when creating a new script. A script used for call suppression must be created as this specialized call suppression script type to appear as an option in the outbound skill. You must also make minor adjustments (described below) to ensure that the script references the correct column in the calling list. If you would like to customize the script further than basic functionality, this method is convenient as you are already working within Studio. If you create the call suppression script through Studio, you will need the appropriate Studio permissions and confidence to manage minor technicalities of the script (Scripts Create/Edit).

The following steps explain how to create a call suppression script in Studio. The user-friendly method is a short process described in the following section, Connect the Script to a Personal Connection Skill.

  1. In Studio, click FileNew.
  2. In the Available Templates box on the left side of the Create New Script window, select Outbound Dialing. The default script options in the right-side box will be replaced by a Call Suppression script type with a phone icon.
  3. Click OK. The default call suppression script will open with the existing necessary Studio actions.
  4. Edit the Assign action to reference your desired column in the calling list:
    1. Double-click the Assign action (with the Assign dataValue caption) to open the Assign Properties window.
    2. In the Value field, replace the SuppressionField section of the variable with the name of the column from the calling list.
    3. Click OK.
  5. If you want to, you can modify this default call suppression script with whatever customizations you desire. However, the script flow must conclude with a Permitcall action for the outbound call to be initiated. The use of the Suppresscall action is needed only if the script will be used to prevent an outbound call from being completed. This functionality might be used after doing a look-up in a customer management system and discovering this number (likely pulled from a calling list) no longer needs to be called.
  6. Save the script.

For Personal Connection skills, this script runs before the system delivers the call to an agent, therefore a possible modification could be to customize the caller ID before the call is connected.

Connect the Script to a Personal Connection Skill

  1. In the ACD application, click Contact SettingsSkills.

  2. Locate the skillClassification used to facilitate the delivery of contacts; assigned to agents based on abilities, specialties, and knowledge you want to temporarily prevent from dialing certain numbers and click to open it.

  3. Click the Call Suppression tab. Click Edit.

  4. If you have an existing script, select it from the Script. This drop-down only displays scripts that were created through the wizard or as Call Suppression templates in Studio.

  5. If you did not create a script in Studio, create one here.

    1. Click Create a New Script.

    2. Enter a Script Name. In Field Name, type the name of the column in the calling list you want to use as criteria for call suppression. In the preceding image, the call suppression script searches for specific values in the PhoneNumber column of the calling list. You could, however, have it check for certain values in a ZipCode column to suppress based on location.

    3. Click Create.

  6. Click Save.