Dispositions Overview

Dispositions are user-defined statuses that can be assigned to completed interactions either by an agent or by the system. They can trigger other actions, such as the scheduling of a callbackHolds a customer's place in queue and automatically calls the customer when they move to the front of the queue., adding the contact to the do not call list, finalizing the record, and so forth.

You can configure custom agent dispositions and associate them with reporting categories, such as being positive or negative. These categories summarize outcomes and provide industry KPI metrics such as conversion rate and performance per hour measurements you can find in the report.

Dispositions are only available for use after they have been assigned to a skill as part of post-contact handling. It is a best practice to require agents to select a dispositionResult that the agent or system assigns to the contact when the interaction ends. for each interaction. If you select disposition in post-contact handling for a skill, but do not make dispositions required, the system treats all interactions for that skill as final if the agent does not select a disposition. The system also treats answering machines released to an agent as final. Those final outcomes could be misleading.

Each disposition has an audit history tab that displays a table of information about the creation and last modification of the disposition. You can see what was modified, when it was modified, and who did the modification. Audit history tables can become very large, so you can use search and filter tools to limit the display.