Develop a Basic Script

Required permissionsScripts Create/Edit

To share ideas and collaborate with other scripters, you can visit the NICE CXone Community site. Contact your CXone Account Representative if you do not have access to the Community.

This page is designed to lead beginning Studio users through the basic workflow of scripting by creating a simple script. This script could be used by a small business as their main phone script that handles phone calls. The script will first verify that at least 1 agent is available to handle the call. Second, present a menu to the caller. Third, request an agent to handle the caller after their menu selection is made. And last, play on-hold music until the agent answers the call. The following script that you will create is quite simple, however, Studio offers many other features for you to customize your scripts, including hundreds of actions, custom audio files, automatic speech recognition (ASR), and more.

  1. Open a new Phone script (File > New > Phone > OK) in Studio.
  2. Drag and drop the following actions from the Tools tab onto the main canvas area: Begin, Countagents, If, Play, Hangup, Menu, Reqagent, Music, and Wait. You can search for each action in the Filter of this tab.
  3. Arrange the actions to match the following image:
  4. Connect the actions to match the previous image or according to the instructions listed in the drop-down below. To connect 2 actions, hover over the bottom-right corner of the action icon until you see an arrow, then click and hold while you drag the arrow to the next action and release. When connecting these actions on your canvas, select Default in the PickBranch window unless otherwise specified in the sequence instructions below, or shown in the previous image.
  5. Save and name the script (File > Save).
  6. You can test your script. See the testing and debugging section for more information.