Import a WSDL/Proxy DLL

A dynamic-link library (DLL) is a collection of code and/or data that can be used by applications or other libraries/modules. For security reasons, you cannot directly import a DLL into Studio, but you can reference one. See Supported Web Services for more information on using SOAP and RESTful web services in Studio.

To Import a web service:

  1. In the Library panel of Studio, click the Import Web Service icon to open the Web Service Import window.
  2. Enter the full address of the web service definition language (WSDL) file into the URL field.
  3. Enter the namespace in the Namespace field, which is used to reference classes within the Proxy DLL and press OK.
  4. In the Save File As window, select the location at which to save the Proxy DLL after it is correctly generated and click Save. You should always select the root location at the file server.

After saving, you can view the new Proxy DLL as an option when clicking the Add Web Service button in the Library panel.