Data Download Overview

Data download is a type of customized reporting that pulls raw data from the data warehouse and displays it in a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or XML-formatted report with the option for headers and to append the day's date to the file name. Data Download reports enable you to take raw data from the data warehouse to modify the data as needed or to create pivot table reports.

Data download comes with many built-in reports that pull a pre-determined set of data. You can also have custom reports created for your environment. This is not a process you can complete on your own, so you must contact your NICE CXone account manager to begin creating custom data download reports. To create your own custom reports with no additional expense, see Custom Reporting.

You can run data download reports manually as you need the data, or you can set up a schedule so that the report runs on a certain date and at a certain time. Schedules can be one-time or recurring. When you configure a data download report schedule, you can select report recipients who receive the report after its generation.

Additionally, you cannot limit the visibility of data generated in these reports through a user's security profile.

The NICE CXone system stores 25 months of data download report data.

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