Set Up Wallboards

Wallboards are a form of dashboard that can display information on a television screen in your contact center. This information can include modules, metrics, announcements, achievements, and so on. You can create, edit, delete, preview, and launch wallboards from the Wallboard Management page. The Wallboard Management page shows a list of existing wallboards.

Create New Wallboard

  1. Click Wallboards > Wallboard Management > New Wallboard.
  2. Type a Name for the new wallboard.
  3. Select a folder from the Add to Wallboard folder drop-down list. The folders help you keep wallboards organized.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. If you want to prevent the wallboard from being available on the Launch Wallboard page, clear the Slideshow Options slider. The slider is selected by default.
  6. Click Create.

Add and Configure Slides

Structure your new wallboard like a presentation slideshow. A variety of slide templates are available. You can use slides to display different information. Any progress made while adding or configuring slides automatically saves. You can navigate away from the page and your progress will remain when you return.

  1. Add your first slide by clicking Click to Choose Slide Type and selecting a slide type. As you add more slides, this area shows the currently active slide. To add additional new slides, click New Slide in the left side menu.
  2. Choose a Slide Type or customize your own by selecting Custom.
  3. Click Create.

  4. Configure your slides. The configuration options are different for each slide template type. Each template requires specific information based on the type of slide.

  5. Repeat the preceding steps of adding new slides as needed.
  6. If you want to preview your wallboard to see how it will display, click Preview Wallboard below the slide list.

Create Custom Slides

  1. Create a new slide and select Custom as the slide type.
  2. Type a Slide Name.
  3. You can type a Description.
  4. You can change the Slide Interval duration. This determines how long the slide appears on the wallboard. The default interval is 30 seconds.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Drag and drop modules into the main slide area from the right side menu. After dropping the module at your desired location on the slide, another settings window will appear. Configure the module content by following the prompted steps, similar to configuring slide content as described above. For more information on configuring module content and metrics, read about the Configure the Dashboard Filter and Set Up Metrics.
  7. Finish customizing your slide by using the tools on the right side menu. Select a category from the top of the right side menu, which provide features to add to your slide, such as a background image or slide transition.

Publish Wallboards

You can launch a wallboard directly from the side menu or by copy and pasting the wallboard URL into a browser search bar. If you want to launch a wallboard directly from the side menu, click Wallboards > Launch Wallboard, then select the wallboard you want to open from the list of wallboards. The wallboard opens in a new web browser tab. If you want to use the wallboard URL, follow these steps:

  1. Click Wallboards > Wallboard Management.
  2. Select which wallboard you want to publish.
  3. Click the gear icon next to the wallboard name above the active slide. A slide information window will appear.
  4. Copy one of the two wallboard URL links.
    • Copy the Login Required URL if you want to require a login when publishing the wallboard. Change whether or not the you want to stay logged in by clicking the slider next to Keep Logged In.
    • Or

    • Copy the No Login Required URL if you do not want to require a login when publishing a wallboard. If you do not want to allow public access to the URL link, click the slider next to Allow Public. The slider will change to a red No and the URL will disappear.
  5. Display your wallboard by pasting the copied URL into a web browser search bar and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

Edit Wallboards and Slides

  1. Click Wallboards > Wallboard Management.
  2. Click the wallboard you want to edit.
  3. To add a new slide, click New Slide and configure the new slide.
  4. You can use the icons on the slide to edit, copy, play, or delete the slide.
  5. You can activate or deactivate a slide by clicking the slider in the left corner of the slide thumbnail. The default setting is active. Deactivating a slide prevents it from appearing in the wallboard slideshow.
  6. You can click the blue Preview Wallboard icon at the bottom of the left side menu to launch a preview of your wallboard in a new window or tab.
  7. You can rearrange the slide order by clicking and dragging a slide thumbnail to a new position.
  8. You can click Wallboard Home above the left side menu to take you back to the Wallboard Home page to view existing wallboards and categorical folders.