Configure Modules

This page provides general instructions for accessing and configuring modules in CXone Performance Management. For information on how to run a specific module, click its name in the table below.

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  1. Open a dashboard.
  2. Click +Add Modules in the left navigation menu to display the list of modules.
  3. Click a module name to add it to the dashboard. You can also click and drag it to your desired location on the dashboard.

  4. The module settings window will open after you place the module on your dashboard. You will view the settings window either in the old pop-up window or the new slide-out window.

  5. Set the time range for which you want to display data. If the date range you select is requesting too much data, an error message will appear.

  6. If you want, filter the data by employee groups, call groups, or both.
  7. Configure other settings, such as adding data attributes for reporting purposes.
  8. Click Apply. The module will appear on your dashboard. If your dashboard already has modules, the new module will appear under the others.

You can click and hold the top of the module and drag it to a new location on your dashboard. The existing modules on your dashboard shift to accommodate a new layout. You can edit the module settings at any time by clicking the three dots in the right corner of a module and clicking Settings.